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How to improve Instagram content and get more followers?

If you want to improve the content of Instagram to get more followers, you have realized that quality matters! This is very good, because if you want to become an authority on the subject you are working on, you will have to produce quality content for Instagram!

If you are maintaining an account on the social network, you already know that it is not so easy to have subjects and diversity of ideas to publish periodically without being repetitive. Publications need to be thought about, have interesting subjects to make a good impact.

The advantage is that in Instagram you can work with various formats, including videos, whether in the timeline or in the Stories, text, live montages and entries.

In addition to all these formats, the platform still offers a lot of interactive and fun tools like gifs, stickers and filters, for example.
Now pay attention to our tips below to make quality content for segudiores!

Make posts for your ideal audience

When we talk about making posts to your audience, that means you should make posts that specifically appeal to the people you are interesting with on Instagram.

The first step in starting to make interesting posts for a targeted audience is to find out who the audience is. In digital marketing this is called Persona research.

Persona’s research aims to “show” what your audience is and how it uses that information. With the correct information you will understand which topics you should address in the posts to draw attention to your Person.

When you discover your Persona, it is more specific than the target audience. Then it is easier to define the language you will have to use to get those followers’ attention. The definition of what is interesting to them on the subject becomes clearer.

So do a Persona poll, spend your time thinking about the right topics and what they would like to see on Instagram.

Always look for trends

Your content production on Instagram has to be targeted to your audience, but it needs to bring information that your audience wants!

With Persona’s research, you already know what are the main doubts and themes that draw your followers attention. Based on this, look for trends, releases and news on the subject.

It is necessary that you research, integrate and feel like making interesting and novel posts. Surely the followers will be conquered by the power their posts!

So try using Google, Instagram’s hashtags, Twitter, and any other digital tool, to stay within the trends of your niche acting.

Plan your posts

After so much effort to find out who your target audience is and check the market trends, it is also interesting to program what you will be addressing about the topic in each post.

Organize when these posts are going to air, in what format, with which caption, the name of this is planning an editorial calendar.

Planning your posts will make your content production non-repetitive. It will help you to have advance notice to plan the topics and do not leave without posting. Why post with commitment is essential to succeed in Instagram and credibility with followers!

Use available resources to professionalize your post

Better for an original photo of your filter or slightly edited, than photos of databases that everyone has seen!

So, try to produce the content you post, be it photo or video. To help with this, find information on how to shoot and shoot better. Currently there are Youtubers who give real classes for free on the internet! Enjoy these contents and learn how to make your material with more quality!

Other tools that will help a lot, are the applications. Do a search for cool apps to use for photos and videos. This dedication with image will give a more professional air to your photos and videos.

Search for video and photo editors. Some articles exclusively address this theme and are available, also for free!

Now that you know a little bit about how to make good content for Instagram, how about what applications and features you use to improve your posts? We want to learn from you too, leave your comment!

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