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Tips on How You Can Start Living the Positive #HASHTAG Lifestyle

When you hop on social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, you of course see your friends posting pics and statuses, but what do you almost always see with their pics and statuses also? Hashtags. Adding hashtags to a picture or post just seems to increase your likes for some reason. They’re almost like the accent pieces that complete your picture or post.

Hashtags are either good ones, or bad ones. This may sound silly, but it’s true. For example, a positive hashtag might be a picture of a beautiful couple who got married in Mexico, and underneath the picture you might see #goals, meaning that their wedding was so amazing that other people will want their wedding to either be like theirs, or better than theirs.

Negative hashtags might show pictures of fashion no-nos. For instance, everyone has seen the famous Wal-Mart photos of people going out to a public establishment looking like they just rolled out of bed. There are actual pictures of people wearing their pajamas with slippers, a robe, and a sleep cap on. A picture of that nature is worthy of #epicfail. Now, the negative hashtags do get tons of likes, but they’re out of pure ridiculousness, and people love to see people making fools out of themselves…I mean, who doesn’t?

We’re going to stick to the positive hashtags; the hashtags that make people happy for you, but envious of you at the same time. That sounds pretty awful to say, but deep down, it feels good knowing that people love you, hate you, and want to be you, all at the same time. If you want to be loved by many, but envied by more, take a look at these tips so you can start living that positive hashtag lifestyle.


When people use #LIVINGMYBESTLIFE that usually involves traveling, or some other form of entertainment that you enjoy. Now, captioning a picture of you doing something basic is not worthy of popular hashtag. If you’re not traveling, then you have be doing something that will make others slightly jealous.

Like, you can’t post a picture of you at the bowling alley with your friends and hashtag it with living your best life… anybody can go bowling. Now, if you’re bowling in Japan at a Japanese bowling alley in the heart of Tokyo, then that, my friend, is worthy of a #LIVINGMYBESTLIFE picture to post.

Since this hashtag is all about traveling and engaging in activities that most wouldn’t get an opportunity to do, you can take this hashtag even further by creating your own travel blog. In this day and age, it’s all about followers, right? Well, your following could drastically increase with your own personal travel blog. Imagine how happy and envious your friends would be seeing you out there living your best life. You might even motivate them to go do the same.

This is a great way to capture all your “best life” moments, whether in pictures or videos. You’d be able to really make your followers feel like they went on those trips with you, especially when you’re going to places and doing things that they’ve never seen or done before.


This is a hashtag used for when you’ve had a major accomplishment in your life…and not just any accomplishment either. Per usual, it has to be an accomplishment that makes other people wish they accomplished the same thing, or something better.

To be worthy of #GOALS, it’s better to post pictures of your accomplishment, instead of just posting a message about it…a picture makes it more real for your followers.

Now, there are certain accomplishments where just posting about it is unacceptable. Marriages and graduations are two life changing events that definitely should be captured in pictures, and are very worthy of #GOALS. A simple post is okay for something like getting a job, or a job promotion. Not that it’s not a major accomplishment for you, but it can sometimes be hard to reflect that in a picture.

Another popular way people use #GOALS is for body goals. Everyone has those friends on social media who are constantly working out, showing off their results of exercising. If you want to be the envy of friends, post a picture of yourself on the beach, looking good in your bikini with #GOALS. A picture with this hashtag is very fitting because you have a body that everyone wants, but not everyone is willing to put in the work to get it.


#MOOD is exactly what it is. This hashtag is more so a feeling that you are currently feeling that most people can relate to. It’s very popular with memes too. You might see people post pics of someone giving the side eye in relation to your post of how a coworker said something incredibly stupid.

Moods describe a feeling. Popular feelings associated with this hashtag include mad, irritated, happy, and frustrated. You rarely see sad, but it does exist. You might post a picture of someone crying hysterically, and with the picture, you might say something like “The last pair of Jimmy Choos…not in my size… #MOOD.”

The picture of someone crying hysterically is how you’re feeling after finding out that last pair of Jimmy Choos wasn’t in your size. People can relate to finding something they really want, and it not be in their size.


This is a very popular hashtag amongst males and females. This hashtag is used to mark your territory on the person you’re currently with. Sometimes people use the hashtag on celebrities they’re absolutely in love with, even though they know they may never actually meet them, but in their mind, they’re still bae.

The popular hit show Insecure utilized the hashtag when Issa saves her attractive, downstairs neighbor’s phone number in her phone as “neighbor bae.” So that just goes to show you that the word “bae” can be used in many variations, but it’s more commonly used when snapping it up with your significant other.