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Health and Fitness: The All-Time Fittest Foods

The truth of the matter is the diet people take defines who they are. Mostly, we can judge what people have been eating by looking at their physiques. If you want to gain muscles, tone the skin or lose weight, your diet will play a major role. Thus, there is a need to plan your meals well and take enough fluids that will help the body.

To assist many people who are stuck in this puzzle of eating for a healthy and fit lifestyle, we have prepared a list of all time fittest food to consider in your meal.


In all animal products, eggs are the most nutritious. They contain amino acids and other nutrients that facilitate the growth of muscles in an excellent way. Unbeknownst to many, eggs also have choline vitamin that is said to help in boosting the memory. But there is caution in eating too many eggs per week especially if someone has a protein intolerance problem. You can have one egg per day as an athlete which will be okay.

Lean Beef

One of the best sources of protein is lean beef. All athletes take beef a couple of times in a week to get the benefits. It can be served in numerous ways which avoid the monotony of eating it. Also, been has other nutrients like iron and calcium that is much needed for fitness during and after workouts.

Black Beans

When planning for your legume diet, you need to consider black beans as one of the best. Most fitness nutritionists consider them as complex food that contains carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. All these three important nutrients are ample in any serving of black beans. It is a favorite for bodybuilders and athletes who use steroids from reliable sellers like Steroidsfax, as both work perfectly to boost the growth of muscles. You can have at least two servings every week to get the best out of it.


Whether you take soy in the natural state, soy milk or soy supplements, this is a superfood that is packed with numerous nutrients. It is high in protein that builds excellent muscles within a short period. Some people take soy milk instead of regular cow milk to get a higher amount of protein and avoid the fat in cream. You can one serving of soy in a week for the best fitness.

Sweet Potatoes

This food is packed with carbohydrates and minerals. Most athletes take a meal with sweet potatoes at least twice a week to get both the energy and potassium in them. The best part is that sweet potatoes can be taken in a variety of ways with the most popular one being boiled

Whole Grain Bread

Whole grain bread is the common source of energy for many athletes. It is possible to eat this bread on a daily basis without any side effect. The carbohydrates in it are easily broken down to energy that one needs to work out. Needless to say, whole grain bread has other nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Water and Fruit Juices

Lastly, it is worth to mention that fluids are very important for a healthy lifestyle. But none can beat water in benefits. Although with zero calories, water promotes numerous functionalities of the body and must be taken daily at different intervals. Fruit juices have both water and a variety of nutrients which makes them a perfect choice as well.