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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet for Women


Running shoes are supposed to fit your legs and provide you with comfort and support, but not to change how you run. You probably want to get a pair of running shoes for your running feet. The fact is that you cannot just purchase any pair of running shoes.

People with flat feet normally experience excessive over pronation. This basically means that your feet roll inwards severally when it comes into contact with the ground.

Read on and learn the tips for choosing the best running shoes for flat feet for women. In the end, you will be at ease while you go shopping for your running shoes.

Highly Recommended Shoes for Flat Feet

  • Motion Control Shoes

Motion control shoes are perfect for restricting improper movement of feet as you run.They are ideal for people with extremely fallen arches. Motion control shoes offer perfect arch support and make your heel very stiff.

  • Stability Shoes

Stability shoes are designed in a way that they prioritize support to the foot arch. They are the ultimate shoes for people whose arches are mildly collapsed.

Tips for Choosing the Best Women’s Running Shoes for Flat Feet

  • Perfect size that fits

Finding a pair of shoes that fits perfectly will enhance comfort during your workout sessions. Purchase a pair of shoes that gives your feet sufficient space to fit comfortably in a way that the shoes are not too wide.

Shoes that fit too tightly exert too much pressure on your toes in the same way that over pronation does. On the other hand, shoes that are extremely wide will slide around your feet hence causing painful blisters.

  • Stability and Support

It is important that running shoes for women with flat feet offer adequate support and stability. Before you purchase a pair of running shoes for your flat feet, be sure where your support for your feet is needed most.

For instance, for people with weak feet, a low-rise pair of running shoes will not be ideal since it offers no ankle support.

  • Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is not solely specific for over pronation. However, it adds up to providing general comfort to you as you wear your running shoes. Ensure that the running shoes you purchase have temperature regulating properties.

Do not compromise on this feature even if the pair of shoes you get offers the best stability and support.

  • Flexibility

Before you settle on buying a particular brand of running shoe for your flat feet, ensure that it is flexible enough as it offers firmness and support. Too much rigidity of a running shoe is likely to cause you as much harm as one that is extremely flexible.

Rigidity makes shoes to absorb less shock which will magnify your discomfort due to over pronation.

  • Breathability

Breathable running shoes ensure that your feet remain cool throughout your entire workout despite how intense it may be. Breathability is a crucial aspect of regulating temperature. Most manufacturers of stability running shoes barely pay much attention on breathability.

But it is a factor you ought to look out for in your running shoes. A meshed upper would offer breathability as well as perforations on the sides of the shoes or just around it.

  • Water-resistance, rain proofing and waterproofing

Water resistant, water proof and rain proof running shoes are perfect to keep your feet dry and happy. The feet should also havethe right temperature by not being too cold or too hot. Moisture environment facilitates growth of fungi which can cause serious problems to your feet if not treated.

  • Room for customizing

Customizability comes in handy when the insoles of the shoes get worn out. Customizability will allow you to replace the insole of your running shoes so long as the outsole is still intact. Replacing the insole will give you the experience of wearing new running shoes but acquired at a lower price.



It is my hope that the 7 tips for choosing the best running shoes for flat feet for women have been helpful. Running is one of the most common and effective workout exercises. However, with the wrong kind of shoes, it will just be painful and make you resent any running session. Looking to keep your running shoes clean? check out Angelus Direct .You will be amazing how well this shoe cleaning product will work.

People with flat feet are more likely to experience over pronation. To ensure their comfort, it is only right that you get the best running shoes for your flat feet. Kindly comment on the article and share it widely to help others enjoy their running exercises.Where you need clarification, feel free to make an inquiry and I will offer assistance as soon as I can.