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How to enhance your unique identity as a bride

Unique wedding dresess

Becoming a bride is marked by a special day in your life, but it doesn’t mean that all brides choose to express their joy in the same way. Your wedding ceremony and reception will be marked by the atmosphere, unique personality and style, and your wedding dress can reflect this too.

Strong women around the world don’t expect their partner to swoop in and save them. They are independent – they have their own goals and dreams and choose to marry an equal friend and ally. This doesn’t mean that you want to downplay your femininity. Quite the opposite, feminine strength is confident in its own right.

Unique wedding dresses reflect your own style

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding and a princess dress. There is nothing wrong with that – beauty is timeless, after all. But there are many ways to incorporate a subtle twist, a modern edge or even a completely unique or unconventional look without losing that timeless elegance and grace that celebrates femininity.

You don’t want to be categorized by your style. Instead, let your style reflect your individuality. When you’re looking for a wedding dress or inspiration for your own gown, set aside expectations and fashion trends, and simply indulges your senses.

Build your unique look from a good foundation

Individuality doesn’t mean you have to re-invent the wheel. Artists throughout the centuries have always refined, diverged or even created an original expression based on a solid foundation in their art form. There truly is nothing new under the sun, but there are new ways of putting the elements together for something unique.

A well-structured bodice

No matter what style you are aiming for, choose a tailored bodice that supports you in all the right places.

Whether you choose an A-Line, ball gown, flared, mermaid, skirt or sheath silhouette, the bodice of your dress is the building block that needs to fit your shape perfectly.

With so many different lengths and silhouettes to choose from in defining your style, the bodice must provide a well-structured foundation. Of course, the back detail, neckline, sleeves and embellishments are open to your own interpretation. Even the waist style can vary, from asymmetric to dropped or natural.


In the neckline alone, there are many different styles for a bride to choose from. Every woman has her own characteristic facial features.

Vertical styles are good for shorter necks or rounder jaws, as it elongates the space.
Or perhaps you want to show off some collarbone with a strapless style or expose luminous skin with a sweetheart neckline.
Higher necks can look good on long or thin shapes.


Wedding dress designers carefully research the fabrics they use, and a range of different textures to create flatty or body hugging, textured or sheer effects. A careful combination is often stunning. Ask for swatches or go and feel the fabrics in store.

Think lace, chiffon, net, organza, taffeta, satin and tulle.
Do you want something light, or perhaps something more rich and textured?
You could also consider printed materials or textured edging.

Back Details

All eyes are on the brides back at some point in the day, and there are many ways to delight.
Show-off a beautiful back with a low design.
Add detail with crossed straps.
Tantalize with a keyhole or gorgeous buttons.
Maybe a racer back or zipper is more your style?
Illusion backs add a modern twist.


Needless to say, your choice doesn’t end at the waist or back.
Eyes are drawn to expressive hands with bell sleeves.
Long sleeves provide the opportunity for delicate lace or applique detail.
Short or cap sleeves might provide the right finish for your dress.
Spaghetti straps or completely sleeveless may be the best way to show off your gorgeous skin tone.


Carefully chosen embellishments can truly capture your style and attention to detail.
Are you about ruffles and sequins or delicate lace and fine embroidery?
Perhaps floral appliques enhance your natural beauty
Do you want to add some sparkle with crystals or beading?
Subtle or elaborate, it’s all part of expressing yourself.


Although it’s still a firm favorite and always looks fresh and appealing, pure white isn’t the only color for your wedding dress.
Ivory or rose gold are good variations
Consider a touch of nude for subtle contrast against white.
You could also add a pop of bold color with a tie sash.


Finally, accessories can transform your look and add the finishing touches to create totally unique wedding dresses .

  • Choose a long or short veil with or without detailed edging, a floral or sheer train.
  • For changing weather conditions, a delicate jacket or coverlet that complements your dress can look stunning.
  • A beaded or diamante belt can jazz it up.
  • Crown your glory with a hairband, hair vine or tiara in pearl or rhinestone, beads or floral.

Now that you’ve explored all the options, how do you find a collection that offers all of this and more without visiting hundreds of different stores and pounding the pavements in search of something just right for you?

With the Morilee Collection of best wedding dresses by Madeline Gardner, the choices are almost endless and the way you pull it all together will ensure that you enjoy a unique wedding dress that captures your own style.

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