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Stem Cell Supplies is a company whose mission is to offer stem cell therapy as an option for regenerative and preventive treatment. is the most advanced company today in treating people for over 70 types of issues. Specially for chronic degenerative diseases and anti-aging therapy.

Providing our patients, the best quality of products used today in this type of treatment. Stem-cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. We are treating a wide range of disease.Our products help people live a much better life.

We’ve got you covered with everything to make your trip, preparation and recovery, as smooth as possible. Enjoy the pool and sunny beaches of Cabo whilst having the peace of mind that your medical procedure is being taken care of right at your villa.
-We fly you first class
-Private Airport pickup
-5 star hotel stay
-Full 5 star class spa treatment
-Stem cell treatment
-Medical work up
-Relaxing on the beach
-All inclusive