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Your Posture May Be Making You Fat

The U.S. weight loss market is now worth a record $66 billion, but the number of dieters has fallen, due to the growth of the size acceptance and body positivity movement.  Do-it-yourself plans still abound as consumers use more diet & fitness apps.

Before and After Compression (PRNewsfoto/Aaron Parnell)

Before and After Compression (PRNewsfoto/Aaron Parnell)

As many look for more affordable alternatives, Olympic sports therapist and posture expert, Aaron Parnell, has discovered that slouching and poor posture can lead to frustrating weight gain.  In his lecture “The Hidden Secrets of Beauty and Posture”, presented at beauty industry conference, Face and Body Expo, in San Jose California, Parnell states:

The body uses fat and water to balance weight, especially on a woman’s body. What happens is: As a woman leans or slouches forward with her upper body (including head, arms and breasts), her lower body, seeks balance by adding extra pounds of water and fat to the hips and thighs.

You can see the angle of [See outline drawing] this lady’s torso at her waistline—with the weight of her upper body almost entirely forward of the balance point of her hips.  Sometimes the breasts will change cup size by getting smaller or larger, depending on her balance.

If you know someone with mysterious or frustrating weight gain—even in specific places on her body, it’s entirely possible that poor posture may be a contributing factor. Then, the most important thing they can do is to improve their posture.”

According to Parnell, “Posture compression can make you look fat, even if you are not overweight.”  In his “Hidden Secrets of Beauty and Posture” lecture, he explains how “When we reach our maximum height and weight, that is the most skin we will ever get. The body tends to maintain the amount of skin that will fit over our skeleton frame when the frame is most erect. However, with poor posture, the frame of the body begins to implode on itself and collapse. The result is skin and fat that sags and falls in on its own collapsing, imploding frame. Reverse the collapse, and the skin will lie flat and firm on your upright body.”  [See before-and-after photos]

Parnell served on the Official Sports Massage Team for the Los Angeles Olympics, and later discovered that by training his clients bodies for balanced strength, fitness and flexibility, their posture improved.  Parnell began to conduct extensive research with clients in his own Silicon Valley practice, noticing that a person’s posture has a direct effect on their confidence and how they feel about their body. This discovery eventually led to developing two Posture Bootcamps:  22 Days To Great Posture and 22 Days to Dazzling Posture—A Bootcamp for Busy Women.  Both posture bootcamps deliver only one stretch or exercise to do, a few times each day, for 22 days.

“I started to feel good all the time.  I felt like I was getting younger…I’m actually losing weight.  I actually lost 7 pounds—and I eat two-to-three times as much as I used to, which is the normal amount I used to eat when I was in my 20’s and 30’s,” says Rebecca Linquist, a Silicon Valley based American Accent Acquisition coach.

“I originally created the workouts to complement my Reposturing® therapy sessions.  Clients kept asking for exercises and stretches do at home, to maximize the value of their therapy,” says Parnell.  He adds, “Regularly including either of my Posture Bootcamp workouts in your health regimen will produce positive and long lasting results.  It’s just a few moves, for a few minutes per day, for 22 days.  After that, you only need to do a few of them, a few times per week.”

Client, Marian Jung, CPA says “… people have commented that I look 20 years younger. Through this non-invasive treatment [and the exercises], Aaron Parnell has helped reduce the strain and fatigue in my jaw and face. I consider him a vital contributor on my Wellness Team.”

Parnell declares, “With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we are on the verge of a new category of health crisis.  And there is no completely safe medicine or surgery to resolve this epidemic of slouching.  Poor posture is at the root of premature aging.”  He adds, “People are searching for a non-invasive solution that requires no drugs, surgery or down-time. When you achieve great posture, you actually feel good all over.  I think we have something of value with these bootcamps.”

To interview Aaron Parnell about these and other posture and beauty secrets, or his revolutionary bootcamps, please contact his staff at 650-347-4565. Parnell and his training team are available to travel.

About Aaron Parnell, ACST, Posturist®

Aaron Parnell is a pioneer of an entirely new category of science-based education, training and service called Posture Optimization.  The category embraces health science, anti-aging and beauty, sports and fitness, health and wellness, ergonomic product development and more.  Creator and Developer of Reposturing®-The Pain Elimination Method, Aaron is author of The Reposturing Handbook and over 100 articles.  For over 40 years, Aaron has been helping people gain freedom from pain, feel more energized, and improve their quality of life. As a lecturer, Aaron has captivated audiences, especially women, by being a resource and educator on how improving one’s posture can truly transform lives.

Using Reposturing—The Pain Elimination Method, Aaron and his network of Reposturing practitioners help their clients achieve mind-body harmony regardless of their circumstances. His success rate is nearly 100 percent.

Aaron sees clients at The Vitality Center of San Mateo, trains practitioners, lectures and leads seminars, and workshops on the topic of vitality and healthy aging.