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Things to Consider Before Buying an RC Truck for your Kid


Now-a-days, kids spend really a long period of the day watching TV or playing video games. But this is harmful for their physical and mental growth. So, finding something alternative to keep them away from screen is something like wonder for parents. RC truck can be a great fun gear that your youngster would love for sure. If your child is a little grown-up, you go for it without any tension.

But there are a good variety of models available in the market. Hence, it might be confusing for you, especially if you are purchasing it for the first time. Hence, we compiled all the things need to be considered before buying an RC truck for your kid.

  • Easy to Drive


The first thing to consider before a starter RC truck is, it must be easy to drive. As the gear is for toddlers and here racing is not the motto, so it should not be too fast. Electric motor is fast enough to offer amusement for kids. Another benefit of this electric motor is it comes with a feature to slow it down to avert all kind of danger. Gradually, when the child is comfortable, you can switch it out of slow mode.

  • Pre-assembled Model

As you are buying this RC truck for the first time, picking a pre-assembled model would be the safe option. These pre-assembled models are known as RTR model. These comes ready to run, hence you are allowed to just take it out of the box and drive. Just check if any of the components are not loose or damaged.


  • Durability


Like any other sport gear, durability is one of the supreme concerns with an RC truck. Look for a model that work great on muddy roads and trails. Some quality models even come with waterproof feature. Again, if the parts of the RC truck can be purchased separately, it would be of great convenience.

  • Size

To avert bumping a lot, picking the right size is necessary. If you want your RC truck to drive on trails and dirt, a bigger model would be helpful. Again, if it’s too big, you might face problem while transporting it for trip. So, pick the right size as per your requirements.


  • Battery Power


If you are sure to get a battery powered RC truck, make sure it comes with a powerful battery. If you have two batteries, it would be of great convenience. You can use one and by the time get another charged.

  • Fast Charging Capacity

For your RC truck, no doubt this is an important consideration. A good quality battery will take 30 minutes on an average to get fully charged. The charger also should be checked to ensure fast charging.

  • Price

Like any other product, price is an important consideration before buying a RC truck. But you must make sure, price doesn’t control your choice. With proper analysis of the manufacturer who produce same quality product, you would definitely get something affordable.

Keeping these factors ahead, if you make a decision, it’s bound to be a great purchase.