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7 Wonderful Usage of Oscillating Tool

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Construction professionals and novice weekend warriors both understand the importance of a tool’s flexibility. With a wide array of practical uses both in home and construction sites, an oscillating tool is surely the most consistent tool available in the market. This wonder tool has revolutionized the way of performing a task and has made lives smoother.

With interchangeable accessories, this simple piece of equipment handles countless jobs in house and workspaces. Though the tool is relatively new in this field, it has already won the trust of professional woodworkers, contractors and novice learners. It can competently perform sanding, cutting, scraping, grouting, grinding, polishing and more. Apart from these, it can slice any building material irrespective of wood, metal, plastic, cement, drywall, fiberglass or any other.

Among its numerous astounding uses, here are 7 simple jobs you can do with the best oscillating tool.

  • Cut Sanitary Pipes

With a suitable blade, an oscillating tool can competently cut materials like copper, plastic, fiberglass or even metal pipes. The compactness of the tool allows to work even in tight spaces and varied angles. So, you can use this tool inside the cabinet, in ceilings or behind the wall.

  • Trim Door Shells


When you need to install new floor, door casings and supports are the concern. With an oscillating multi-tool, you have nothing to worry. You can easily trim the bottom ends of the door shell and jambs so that the flooring gets well-fitted.


  • Sand Wood Smooth


An oscillating multi-tool can take care of sanding smoothly. Oscillating tools come with various sanding attachments, which can be used to smooth woods and clear topcoat finishes. There is also arrangements for hook-and-loop abrasives so that you can easily change the sand paper when needed.

  • Remove old paints

Removing peeled or blistered paint from the wall is surely a tiresome job. You can use your oscillating tool to make this task easier. With a steel scraper blade, the tool will remove the blistered paints smoothly.

  • Remove grouts


You can employ your oscillating tool to remove old, stained or cracked tile grout instead of specialty tools. Paired with carbide-grit grout-removal blade, the machine can grind grout form tiles joints of wall or floor. As the blade here oscillates back and forth, it doesn’t spill dust all over the room.



  • Grind away mortar


An oscillating multi-tool has made the tedious mortar removing task easier and quicker. You can easily remove thinnest hardened mortar from a subfloor. With the help of a wedge-shaped carbide-grit rasp, you can get rid of cement, mortar or dried paint.


  • Remove old caulk


To cut away old and damaged caulk, you don’t need to toil with knife and scraper anymore. Instead put your oscillating tool in work. With a proper sharpened steel scraper blade, the machine can cut through stubborn caulk within a few minutes. Even, scraping caulks ” from tub area, round the sinks, counters, windows or doors will be fun with this wonder tool.

However, the usage of an oscillating tool is not limited to the above tasks only. You can customize the use of this versatile tool according to your need.