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TALKSHOW “Have a voice 31” by Zoëgy

Hey amazing soul!

First of let me introduce myself i am Zoegy filomena i am 30 years old a modern single mom with 3 lovely girls and 1 baby boy . After a long time of depression and losing everything what i had i rewrote my story and here i am helping you to rewrite yours . My soul mission is to motivate you and help you manifest the life you always dreamed of because “i know” it is possible sometimes all you need is just a litlle push.

Over the past twelve months the media has been dominated by one topic – abuse. The public has been subjected to an unending barrage of revelations describing the emotional and physical abuse that men in positions of power have wielded over their victims. But we haven’t heard much of the victims’ stories. In Zoëgy’s new book – ‘I rewrote my story’ she tells how through harnessing the power of the laws of attraction she rescued herself from the depths of a bleak existence.

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