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Flapper Dress New Look


Pear-shaped bodies carry most of the visual impact in their hips and derrière. If you’re a pear-shaped girl, you’re practically in the same league as Beyoncé. The thing you have to look for in a roaring 20’s dresses that looks flattering on you is an accent in the upper part. Look for dresses which have an extra-embellished upper part: beads, lace, geometric cuts and patterns, fringes. Be sure to choose a dress which balances out your entire shape. In your quest to draw the eye to the upper part of the dress, you can also rely on sleeves. Short sleeves made out of lace are exactly what’s needed: a beaded flapper dress with a pair of delicate, lace sleeves looks romantic and is an easy and flattering look for pear-shaped figures.

Naturally, apple-shaped figures are drawing too much attention to the waistline, which is usually the largest measurement. If you’re an apple-shaped girl, you should look for dresses that break up the silhouette and focus on the legs and chest. With flapper dress, this can be a tricky mission to accomplish, but it is possible nonetheless. Look for beaded flapper dresses with a length that is just above the knees. Also, search for deep V-necks and design details that scream for attention: beading, transparent details, sequins, spaghetti straps, sweetheart necklines. With all this said, don’t be afraid to show some leg – modern flapper dresses are all about a sexy length. Take advantage of that!