In these days, looking good is a necessity for men and women, equally. Taking care of your appearance makes you feel more confident. People usually tend to use make-up, creams, and minimally invasive treatment to get radiant and firm skin, free of all imperfections. However, when using these beauty-therapies is not enough, women prefer specific treatments including Botox injections. Botox treatment is an alternative to remove those undesirable wrinkles.

Wrinkles appear as time goes by and that is an important issue. Looking pretty makes you feel more confident. You can look younger if you use Botox therapies. Here are 5 things you should know about Botox.

  1. Botox was first used in humans in 1978 as a treatment of strabismus.  It is produced by bacteria denominated bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.  Since the beginning, its application and use, in general, have been controversial, but the truth is that this natural product is a substance that has many benefits for those who use it. There are medical procedures based on Botox, so it is not only used for esthetical purposes.
  2. Botox works by blocking the impulses from the nerves that control muscles movements. Those wrinkles you do not want on your face can be the consequence of years smiling, for example. Every movement you make generates affects your skin appearance. However, you do not have to be scared because with Botox you can life and do not worry about getting some wrinkles, because with some injections your face can look straight and firm again.
  3. You can notice the result between 2 and 10 days after the treatment. Some people say that you can see a significant improvement after de fifth day after the injections. The full effects may not be seen for two weeks.
  4. The most common treated wrinkles are: the frown lines or worry lines between eyebrows, crows feet or laugh lines, and forehead lines or “surprise lines”.
  5. It is a very simple process. It consists of injecting small quantities of Botox into the muscle to be treated using a very fine needle. They are 5 to 10 injections per area and anesthetics are not required.
  6. Go to the professionals, your health is important. The specialists know how to do the process without hurt you. It is a lie that your face gets completely “frozen”. If it is well applied, surely your face is going to look better than before. In consultation you can learn more about your alternative depending on your lifestyle and the situations you are into. Botox is an excellent option because it is minimally invasive and almost everybody can undergo this treatment. However, there are exceptions.  For example, there is no information about the effects on babies when pregnant women use this substance.
  7. It is practically painless. Depending on the person the treatment is more or less painful. However, this pain is not intolerable. Also, the results make all this brief discomfort worthwhile.

Cost can change depending on the magnitude of the treatment. Depending on the number of sections and the number of areas treated, the price can vary. Nonetheless, Botox treatments are not as expensive as surgery. In addition, results are durable as the time goes by. For that reason, it is a good investment if you want to look better with low ricks, acceptable price and without stopping your daily activities because you do not need time off after the procedure.