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How to Choose A RV Generator: Buying Guideline


We have found lots of searching result on how to choose a RV generator in online. This happens because finding the best RV generator is not an easy task. Wrong information may lead you up to the fatal loss of your investment.

So having the real fun of whole camping or RVing experience, follow ours this buying guideline. If this guide helps you a little more, ours effort will worth the price. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Few things are very important in choosing the right RV generator for you. Let’s learn about them below-

Know About the Noise Level

In general, the noise level of generators measured by decibel. So it’s very important to notice how calm the operation is. Different manufacturers adopt different creative ways to ensure providing the quietest service. For example, Honda brand has its own two-tiered noise dampening system.

Choose the Fuel Type

Three types of fuels typically used in RV generators, diesel, propane, and gasoline. In this regard, propane has an unlimited service life, diesel produces more power but emits more noise and gasoline is the most budget-friendly generators. Buy one of them according to your preference.

Consider the Power Wattage

This feature is important because it manages all your appliances. First, check the startup wattage for your devices. You will get quiet generators in three sizes based on power output. The lightweight generators enable to produce up to 1000 watts.

One can power their electric razors, lights, fans, TV’s and gaming consoles in this wattage. Comparing a little bigger model can run up to 2000 watts. In this limit, one can power their electric grills, heaters, hair dryers, coffee pots and microwave ovens easily.

On the contrary, the largest units can provide more than 3000 watts. It allows powering several devices simultaneously related to camping. So you have to determine how many devices you want to power at a time and purchase that level power watt for your service.

Consider Your Budget

It matters how much money you can invest in an RV generator. Budget varies man to man, so you have to consider what features are you looking for and how much it can fulfill. A wide range of prices is available for all kind of users.

The Size Matters

Search a generator starting from 120 volts. Hence, portability promotes ease of use regarding an RV generator. If the unit is bulky and heavy, it’s become difficult to move from one place to another.

Nonetheless, those generators are high-end quality like 3000-6500W they generally come with a wheel kit. So for bigger sizes don’t forget to buy a model that incorporates with a wheel kit.

Some factors regarding how to choose a RV generator will help you to lead the best quality generators in the market. All the features it carries should be user-friendly and budget affordability.

One should operate it easily and carry anywhere. Therefore one feature you should not compromise with is low oil shutdown feature that makes a unit most convenient.