Article Title: The Difference Between Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian Hair | Girls Mag

Article Title: The Difference Between Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian Hair

The interesting part about our planet is that people living in different continents have different hair types and skin tones. No one is better and no one is worse, they are all equal and all of them have fascinating and amazing features that’s not seen in other parts of the earth. Today we will discuss an interesting theme regarding several most interesting hair types and will try to find out their specifications. So, let’s see the difference between Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian Hair.

Brazilian Hair

The most popular hair type in South Africa is Brazilian Hair. This is soft, durable and quite thick hair type that provides with many hairstyles including straight, wavy and curly. You can style it in any hairstyle you like according to its length. Hairstylists tell that Brazilian hair holds hair colors for a long time and if you have decided to buy hair extensions then you may make your choice between virgin Brazilian hair extensions. You can dye it in any shade you like and style in any hairstyle you like. Its texture and thickness allows you to go for a number of styles. One of the biggest advantages of Brazilian hair is that compared to many South African hair types, it’s less frizzy. You really can’t go wrong with Brazilian hair extensions because they stand out with their quality, shine and texture when you wear them along with your natural locks.

Some of the most popular Brazilian hair types are as follows:

  • 1. straight.
  • 2. loose wave
  • 3. deep wave
  • 4. body wave
  • 5. kinky curly

They are mostly in dark brunette shades and sparkle beautifully under the rays of the sun. As for the care for Brazilian hair extensions, we can say that they usually require regular washing and good smelling. You can do it either at home or at a salon. Make sure you use non-sulfate shampoo when washing. You can use a hair dryer to quickly dry it and a wide-tooth comb to comb it.

Brazilian Hairbrazilian-hair

Malaysian Hair

As for Malaysian hair extensions they are more luxurious due to their incredibly beautiful natural shine. Many more women opt for Malaysian hair as it looks beautiful, is quite strong and tends to hold curls for a long period of time. This hair type is usually in dark brown shades looks well-balanced both with dark and fair skin tones. Nowadays, Malaysian hair is popular among many South African and international celebrities. It is heavy, silky and has beautiful wave. This hair type is ideal for women coming from African/Afro-Caribbean descent. It holds up well in any condition. Here are the main types of Malaysian hair; fully straight, deep wave, loose wave, body wave. Malaysian hair tends to look nicer and shinier after a few washes. Curls styled on this hair type will last all day long as it is heavy and strong enough. It even doesn’t require hair products to maintain the beautiful shape of curls. It’s recommended to avoid excessive oils and sprays when styling Malaysian hair. In case you want to restore moisture, (because it’s usually dry) you can just add a leave-in conditioner to it and let sit. You don’t need to wash it often to make it shiny. It lasts long enough and keeps its quality.


3 Bundles Malaysian Straight Hair

Indian Hair

Indian hair extensions stand out with their natural softness and high quality. They are seen in a number of brunette shades, which you can bleach and dye in other shades according to your preferences and taste. Indian hair is long lasting and durable. Compared to the rest of types it is naturally light, airy and is easily styled into curls. The best thing about Indian hair is that it can be easily mixed with other hair extensions to create a more luxurious and beautiful result. It ranges from slight wave to deep wavy, but the fact is that it is easily curled and straightened. So, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all hair types in a single option. Since, Indian women take special care for their locks, they are truly high-quality and long-lasting strands. Shampoo, condition and moisturize your Indian hair extensions every 5-7 days. It’s recommended to use low PH high moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. In some cases you can use hair oils just like Indian women do to keep their natural hair healthy.

Indian Hairindian-hair

Peruvian Hair

If you are looking for another high-quality hair type that allows you to style it repeatedly then you surely need Peruvian hair extensions. It is durable, versatile and thick enough to provide you with great results. Compared to previous hair types Peruvian hair comes in several soft shades including light brown. You can see dark brown and deeper brunette colors for all skin tones and eye hues. Simple and soft curls are the most suitable hairstyles for this hair type. Women seeking for soft and natural-looking hair extensions may choose Peruvian hair. The wavy texture of Peruvian hair becomes curlier when wet or washed. You can easily bleach and dye virgin Peruvian human hair just the way you like. This hair comes with the following types; straight, wavy and curly. It is easy to restyle and can be waved, curled or straightened with hair styling tools.

Indian Hairperuvian-hair