There’s a new web series out and you need to watch it! It’s called WitchHaven PI and it features acclaimed Swedish actress Michelle Nordlander who was cast as the villain. That’s right, the same Michelle Nordlander who we are used to seeing in comedic and sweetheart roles is going to play a part that will demonstrate just how evil she can really be.

She is cast as Atara Wardwell, apparently even wickeder than the notorious Wicked Witch of the East who had bad taste in socks. Atara is also a time traveler and has traveled into the future to escape the witch Salem hunts in the 1690s and to settle some unfinished business in California in the present. Another time traveling witch, Emilia, who is a young girl, also jumps through the space-time continuum and ends up in Los Angeles in the now and bumps into Atara. This show has a great deal of promise not only because of the super talent involved, including Ms. Nordlander, but it is also being directed by Christopher Oh, who helmed the hit web series Life as a Mermaid.


WitchHaven PI is produced by Validus Productions, which brought Life As a Mermaid to YouTube, starring Taylor Huff, and saw it garner well over 3 million views. Quite the success! Michelle’s co-stars in WitchHaven PI include Eric Beckerman (“F*&% the Prom”), Audi Finn (“Silicon Beach”), Fleur Zanna (“Life as a Mermaid”) and Joseph Bongiovanni (“Americon”). The director Christopher Ohtold us that it was a pleasure to work with Michelle because she always brings a professional and very positive attitude to the set. She is always prepared and she is absolutely lovely to be around. He also told us that he knew right away that she was Atara as soon as he saw her in the audition. She brought that character to life and it was more than any director could hope for.


Michelle Nordlander’s most recent projects have been Amatures, directed by Derek Quick, who also directed the soon to be released film Kommando 1944 and the comedy Happy Birthday Duncan, which was directed by Omar Salas Zamora and will have a premiere in June of this year. This is a busy year for Michelle and she loves every minute of it. She loves Los Angeles and she loves working in the film industry.