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How to choose a Dust buster

Dust busterModern technologies make our life easier and faster. With a dust buster, household cleaning won’t be a hassle anymore. It makes cleaning faster and life smoother.

A dust baster is a handheld vacuum cleaner which is small in size, lightweight and powered by a battery. It is ideal for cleaning those areas where regular upright vacuum cleaner cannot reach. By cleaning every hard-reached area in your house, a dust buster ensures maximum sanitization.

With a wide variety of features, there are too many brands available in the market. Hence it may prove confusing for an inexperienced buyer how to choose the best dust buster according to own requirements.

However, here in this article, we have provided a guideline how you will pick the best dust buster as per your need. Before purchasing one, consider the following steps: You can also click here to get more research info.

Battery life:

Since a dust buster is usually powered by a battery, first of all, you need to consider its battery life. The longer time it can serve you, the better it will be. How much time it takes to get recharged- is also something important to consider. If your dust buster can get recharged in a short time- it will be helpful for you. Alongside, the models that give a signal when the battery needs power- are more efficient.


Weight is the next thing you need to consider as it will determine how comfortably you can carry the dust buster. Before purchasing one, first, lift the vacuum cleaner and be sure if you are comfortable with the weight or not.

Dust capacity

The amount of dust and dirt a dust buster can hold also matters. If you choose one with the highest capacity, it won’t require frequent pouring. You will be able to use it for a longer period at a stretch.

Suction power

Obviously, you would want a powerful dust buster to make your cleaning experience happier. Suction power is the thing you should look for to ensure a more powerful dust buster. Suction power is more important while cleaning liquid dirt.

Included features

All features have a different function. You need to determine which features you will need. If you want to clean tight spaces like car interior, hose attachments will be beneficial for you.

Again, for staircase cleaning, crevice-cleaning attachments are helpful whereas brush roll feature is ideal for cleaning carpets.

Ease of use

One of the key factors to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner is how easily you can operate it? Obviously, it won’t be wise to get a dust buster that drains all your energy.

The attachments should also be user-friendly so that even a novice user also can handle it effortlessly.

Maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is no doubt an important consideration for any appliance. Here is no exception. Sometimes changing filters of a dust buster may get unreasonably expensive. Hence, before purchasing you should check on this. Some models require replacing only after wearing out while some others are washable. If you find replacing expensive, opt for washable models.

If you choose your dust buster keeping these things in mind, you will definitely be able to pick the right one for your need. Keeping your household or vehicle clean and hygienic will be fun. Don’t forget to visit to get more cleaning solutions.