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Ultimate Guide to Mens Casual Loafer


Loafers are ultimate men’s shoe which gives sophisticated style. Since the invention in 1930, loafers have continued to cycle in fashion circle. Throughout the years, the fashion item has comes into various types in terms of fabrics and styles. With the enormous styles of loafers, finding the right one to complete your style can be an instant upgrade to your appearance. It is classic, but undeniably cool and also comfortable. Many fashionable men in history considered loafer as an instant upgrade of fashion. The right pair of loafers can give you outstanding look. If you are not sure which types of mens casual loafer to choose, here are brief guide to master the art of loafers.

Types of loafer

Generally, there are four basic types of loafers. Knowing the types is important to find the pair that fit your style and needs.”If you want to get a casual men loafer from amazon, you can get discounts by using a amazon gift card codes generator

Penny loafer – the penny loafer is the most basic and classic style. The characteristic of penny loafer is it has leather strap on the top of the shoe. The strap is designed in diamond-shaped which can hold small coin. Even though the main function of the diamond gap is vague, but it has served as fashion legend and characteristic of loafers. The penny loafer still has the popularity for years. This is because penny loafers are very versatile. The penny loafer works well with most outfits and it can be paired up easily.

Tassel loafer – the origin of tassel loafers was traced back in 1950. It was the result of an experiment of design which became a hit as men’s fashion. The exact origin of loafer is still unclear, but a shoe company, Alden Shoe Company was made something with tassel. Then, they came up to make slip-on loafers with tassels as decoration.

Apron loafer – as the name suggests, the apron loafers are identified through the visible stitches on the toe. This forms a kind of “apron” shape on the front of the shoe. Apron loafer is basically designed using separate piece of leather that extends from the top line to the bottom and around the shoe. The stitches lines give crease impression between the bottom and the top of the toe.

Snaffle loafer – the snaffle loafer may not be so popular by its name. But you will certainly recognize from the loafers’ look. Gucci has first introduced snaffle loafers in 1968 with distinguishing feature.  The golden brass strap which forms the shape of horse snaffle bit lay on the top of the shoe. This is the main characteristic of snaffle loafer. In additional, Gucci also made a signature snaffle loafers as they create black loafer. This makes the loafers formal enough to pair up with suits.

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