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Top 5 vegetable juice recipes for diabetes treatment


Some Pre-discussion on the Recipe Ingredients

Juices for diabetes patients are one of the most side-effect free treatment system. We can’t say that a juice consumption will take you out of the zone. But with proper juices that work to keep the blood level low, you can feel a lot better.

As an example, the presence of bitter melon is an important factor for a diabetes patient. According to a research of a profound organization, the 4 ingredients that help to recover diabetes are- Charente, Lectin, Polypeptide-p, and Vicine. And in the 5 diabetes-friendly juices that we’re about to talk here, contains almost all of them. Check this out.

The vegetable juice recipe for diabetes that we’ve shared here are all possible from the kitchen and no expensive ingredients will be necessary at all. So, let’s start reading-


# Recipe 1: The Blood Sugar Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Bitter melons (2, large sized).

The Benefit

Anyone who is suffering from diabetes can be benefited with regular consumption of this bitter juice. A few months of the juice and you will see the change happening. The high blood glucose level will be bellowed and the blood glucose measuring borderline will be below risk.

# Recipe 2: The Sweet and Bitter Combination Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Bitter melons (2, large).
  2. Cucumber (1, medium).
  3. Lemon (half).
  4. Fuji Apple (1 piece).

The Benefit

If you find a diabetic-friendly juice so strong to go smooth, this is the recipe you should be looking forward to. Because of the presence of the Fuji Apple, the juice becomes and tastes lighter than other juices off the list. Also, the apple will provide a lot of juice to the mix. That’s also the reason why you shouldn’t be adding more than one apple on the juicer. If you want, you can also go for a green apple.

# Recipe 3: Busting Diuretic Blood Sugar

Key ingredients are-

  1. Bitter Melons (2, large).
  2. Cucumber (1, medium).
  3. Lemon (half).

The Benefit

The central flavor of this juice is the bitter melon. But don’t worry. Because the strong bitter flavor of it will be diluted by the combined taste of lemon and cucumber. But you will love it still because of the charming flavor of its bitterness. And in case you don’t want to add pure bitter melon, this juice is a good option to go.

# Recipe 4: Alkalizing Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Organic Celery (2 stalks).
  2. Organic Cucumber (1).
  3. Green apple (1).
  4. Carrot (1).
  5. Organic Spinach (1 cup).

The Benefit

This alkalizing juice will be just the organic compliment of any diabetes medicine. Because of the presence of the celery, Cucumber, and organic Spinach, it would be a great collection of diabetes preventive ingredients. The spinach is there to make the juice a little bit mild. Also, if you want, you can avoid the carrot part. That will eventually keep the sugar level even lower.

# Recipe 5: Juice for the Health of the Heart

Key ingredients are-

  1. Sprigs Organic Watercress (6).
  2. Organic Parsley (1 handful).
  3. Tomatoes (2).
  4. Green apples (2).

The Benefit

This is the last pick of our diabetes-friendly juice list. Surely, this is one of the finest juice that helps you a lot with the control of diabetes. This is a combination of apples, watercress, and tomatoes. And every one of them contains compounds that effective and working to lower the LDL count of Cholesterol level. And you already know that how much important it is for a diabetes patient.

Some Additional Food Habits that Would Help A Lot

If you really want to keep you out of the danger zone, you need to be super-selective with the food and diet. Apart from the vegetable juice recipe for diabetes that we’ve talked over, these few food habits and rules may bring the solution-

  • Avoid Carbohydrates as much as possible.
  • Each of the Carbohydrates has their own grain version like Wheat bread or the brown rice.
  • Don’t even think about juices that carry so much sugar in it.
  • Quit smoking if you are smoking.
  • One of two glasses of light dosed alcohol can change the effectiveness of the insulin a lot.

So, that was the list of vegetable juices for diabetes treatment. Cheers to a healthy life.