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Different types of the grill pan

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Life is becoming easier with the help of new innovation of technologies. Apart from tech, there is number of cooking facilities which give an excellent opportunity to become expert in cooking. Grill pans are such blessing to the cook who loves to experience the thrill in the cooking outside. Particularly it is helpful for the city dwellers.

Though the usage of grill pan is not like the other day to day stovetop pan but the facilities it provides make this item more praiseworthy.

There are different people all over the world so the name of grill pan also differs place to places and person to person. Sometimes a grill pan is known as griddle pan. Since them, both uses for the same purpose but still some people get confused about those. In US and Canada, this grill pan is referred as broiler pan.

Identically, a grill pan is something which is surrounded by raised edges along with grill lines of 1 to 2 cm. The grill lines offer 0.5 cm higher raising capability to allow containing juice from the food.

Nowadays, maximum common grill pans are designed as a non-stick surface. However, some of the grills pans come with other materials as well. Based on those, below classification of grill pans has made of.

  1. 1.    Deep grill pan:

This grill pan is specially designed for crispy and nice stripes on the meat and vegetables. One can get the perfect result because of having a high and pointed rib on the grill pan. The special side of this pan is, this pan is coated with non- stick coating from reputed SCANPAN for which it is super easy to clean.

This pan provides fast and superheats for its unique casting capacity. It is very comfortable to hold and easy to use. The more important factor of these types of a pan is, this pan is specially manufactured for the environment.

  1. Professional grill pan: Professional is fond of using kind of higher ribbing coated grill pan. These types of grill pan assure the concentration of perfect heating so that every type of food like fish and meat can remove juices and get dried. This pan has the intelligence utilizes space so one can make more steaks at a time. It is designed as ovenproof up to 260 degree Celsius.
  2.    Classic grill pan – Classic grill pan is the ultimate pan for the backyard grill. This is known as classic as it gives the tantalizing brown stripes look to the meat. This pan is usually perfect for the gloomy weather when one wants to get busy in making the party with the dear ones. This type of pan is made of non-stick coating for that it is very easy to wash.

As it is having a patented locking system so it can ensure the durability of the handle over time. The grill pan is featured with oven proof up to 260 degree Celsius.

  1.    Square grill griddle: The main specialties of this pan are, it is having 30% larger surface than the other common types of frying grill pan. Due to having plenty of space in the pan, a desirable look of the steaks can easily obtainable. The look of the grill stripes can easily attract the heart of the food lover as the grill ribs are perfect to give shape to the meat.  Another feature of this pan is using of utensils metal so that one can fry without using fat.
  2.     Stove Top Grill Pan: Classic: Cast aluminium with the hard wearing features makes the classic grill plate another best grill pan. It is very easy to clean as it is having a not-sticky surface. There are two types of grill pan are available on the market.

One is featured with grill ribs which are designed in the whole surface and another is designed with a plain zone and grill zone. It is well made of juice reservoir so that food can absorb its excess fat easily. This types of the pan are actually perfect for cooker but it shows its best when it directly use on the grill.

Based on the taste, places, requirement grill pan can be used and bought. But before buying the right grill pan, one needs to know the purpose of using the pan and the features of the pan.