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How to Choose The Best Mountain Bike

In recent years mountain biking is becoming more popular as an exciting outdoor recreation to enjoy numerous health benefits. But with a wide array of features, various frame materials, different wheel sizes and an overwhelming number of options, it’s not an easy task to choose the right mountain bike on a limited budget.

Hence, in this article, we have put together all the necessary factors to consider before purchasing a good mountain bike.

What to Consider before purchase

To make the right purchase, first of all, you must know the key factors to look for in a good mountain bike which are- bike’s basic features, style, and fit. To enjoy the best riding experience, you must select a mountain bike that fits your body size and weight.

For this, knowing different types of best cheap mountain bikes is the first thing to do. The common types of mountain bikes are- Trail mountain bikes, Cross-country mountain bikes, Fat mountain bikes, All Mountain bikes and Downhill Bikes. Trail mountain bikes are best for riding on local trails whereas Cross Country Mountain bikes are great for competitive, speedy uphill ride.

Fat mountain bikes provide adequate support for the beginner off-road bikers and Downhill bikes are meant for the professionals.

Key features to look for in a good mountain bike

Though there are a good number of things to be considered in a good mountain bike, here are the most important ones.


The suspension is the first thing you should consider in your mountain bike. It is very helpful to minimize the strikes and protect you whenever you bump on the uneven surface. With good suspension on the front and rear sections, a full suspension bike can absorb wears and tears evenly.

Wheel Size

The next thing to check on your mountain bike is wheel size as there is an overwhelming number of options are available.

Actually, the wheel size defines to a great extent how smoothly the bike will move on different landscapes. 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches are the most common sizes, but you need to find the perfect size as per your riding plans and activities.

Frame Construction

Frame construction is another important factor which ultimately determines the longevity of your bike. The lighter the mountain bike is, the better performing it would be. So, try to find the least heavy one within your budget.



The number of gear is also an important feature to ensure the best performance from your bike. Sometimes the bikes include gears that may not be useful for your purpose. That’s why try to determine the necessary gears on your bike.


Comfort is always a crucial factor in a mountain bike. The bike should fit your body length and type to ensure the best ride always. Small, medium and large- these three types of mountain bikes are available in the market which is designed to match the rider’s body proportions.


How much weight the bike can carry is one of the important factors in the way of superb performance. Most mountain bikes under 300$ don’t include extra devices, therefore remains lighter than most expensive models.

Keeping the above-mentioned aspects in mind, if you make your purchase, it is bound to be a great mountain bike to entertain you.