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Change Your Hair and Change Your Life


Do you have thinning hair and want a better hair solution than traditional wigs?  There are better options available. LeMetric provides nontraditional hair that you can wash and live in as if it were your own.  It’s time you start feeling confident about your hair because it has the ability to change the way you feel about yourself.

Photos by Abiel Ruiz

Photos by Abiel Ruiz

Elline Surianello, Founder and CEO of The LeMetric Hair Studio, experienced this firsthand with her own tragedy of losing her hair in 1984.  Traditional wigs were not cutting it for her and she knew there had to be an alternative. Elline understood that hair and beauty have to evolve as we do.  Le Metric was born out of the necessity of this hair evolution. She explains in The LeMetric Real World Hair Makeover Photoshoot video, “When I started LeMetric in ’89, my goal was to deliver to you, the consumer, the best possible product and service available to women because I knew how uncomfortable wigs and inserts were.”  That is why the materials used to create the hair are the best quality that there is.LeMetric can make a difference in your appearance.