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Shopping Addict? How To Curb Your Compulsive Spending



Plenty of people spend a little bit more than they probably should and joke about having a shopping addiction but know that if they really couldn’t afford to buy something they definitely wouldn’t. Shopping addicts are different; They usually hide their shopping habits from their loved ones and use money that they don’t have by applying for loans and credit cards. If this sounds like you, and you’re worried that your spending is getting a little out of control, then there are a few things that you can do to help yourself. Keep reading to find out what you can do.


Cut Up Your Cards

Lots of shopping addicts rack up debt on different credit cards and then have to use services like to help them out later on. To avoid you having to do this, cut up all of your credit cards right away. You should also ask your card providers to reduce your credit limit as soon as you can so that you’re not tempted to buy anything online. If you receive any credit card offers through email or the post, then trash them straight away, before you sign up for a new card.


Don’t Even Look

It’s easy to go into town with the intention to window shop and come home with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff (trust me, I’ve done it), so if you’re a shopping addict, this is the last thing that you should be doing. If you’re a fan of online shopping, then avoid visiting websites that you can buy from. Instead, spend time with your family and friends (not shopping, of course), and find another hobby to fill your time.


Spot Spending Patterns

Sometimes there are patterns to the spending of shopping addicts, and this pattern is usually an indicator of some sort of trigger. To identify this trigger, look through all of your credit and debit card statements and highlight any days where you’ve spent an excessive amount of money. Try to remember how that day panned out and what happened. If there’s anything in common, such as having a bad day, then you’ve found your trigger, and so can discover better coping mechanisms that don’t cost you quite as much money. You can visit for some tips.


Speak To Someone

More often than not, shopping addicts hide their spending habits from their loved ones, so they have absolutely no idea that anything is wrong. Telling your family and friends about your problem means that they will be able to support you and help you with it. If they don’t know what’s wrong, then they won’t be able to help you avoid spending. Like any other addiction, it also might be a good idea to seek some professional help, such as from Shopaholics Anonymous.


Like any other addiction, a shopping addiction can lead to disastrous consequences, so it’s important to take some action. Only you can make a change in your life, and I hope that these tips will help you to take the first step.