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David LISS Parfums


Since 2014, David Liss Parfums promises you a huge diversity of high quality perfumes developed skillfully in France, the land of grasse, international capital of perfumery…

Intriguing, exquisite and timeless, the fragrances of David Liss Perfumes reflects sophistication on both classical and contemporary levels in Parfum de niche.

Perfumes…our ranges of fragrances decline in order to satisfy you. Its high concentration  Parfumeur Paris guarantees you an exceptional outfit that worths the grand brands of perfumery, with an affordable pricing.

In constant development, David Liss Perfumes continues to increase the quality of its products and services proposed in order to diversify its offer.

The direct selling of your favourite fragrances on our online Shop enables and in the best concept shops us to introduce you to high quality products with very attractive prices.

David Liss Perfumes : an unprecedented olfactory experience where perfection matches with emotion !