Her stage name is Paloma Fevi – a dynamic young actress and model who started her career as a teenager in her native Peru, and is now living out her dreams in Hollywood. She’s about to become a familiar face to anyone who travels the highways of California as she’s featured in a billboard campaign for the Stella Rosa Wines from the Riboli family’s San Antonio Winery. After graduating from high school, Paloma decided to move to Washington, DC, to study at Georgetown University – and it wasn’t long before her passion for acting lured her to New York and Los Angeles. While this world traveler felt perfectly comfortably in the nation’s capital and the Big Apple, when she reached Los Angeles, she knew she was home. While Hollywood is a city built on dreams, she understands the hard work needed for success in her competitive profession.


Her best advice: Don’t take things personally – and setbacks are the foundation for future success. “Yes, there will be a lot of moments when you’re gonna doubt yourself, which is normal. But you have to keep your focus on the road ahead of you. Don’t look at your competition, and don’t look back. Even if your path is filled with obstacles, the winning path is forward.”

She also explained the importance of persistence and doing what you love in life. “You never know whether your next big opportunity is just around the corner. Never give up!” She also told us that you can make a living from acting, even if you’re not famous. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone in Los Angeles. You just have to keep looking ahead.