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How to use drywall anchors

drywall anchors

Anchor screws are popularly used to hang lightweight items in homes. If you would like to hang semi-heavy items on your wall then it is high time you considered the idea of installing best drywall anchors right away. The anchor screws can be used to hang different items on the walls including paper towel holders, shelving brackets, and new towel rack among others. One of the reasons why anchor screws are preferred in most homes is because they can be used to hang items virtually anywhere. Homeowners can take advantage of the same to make their homes look more adorable and orderly. The screws are designed in such a manner that they can prevent the weight of different objects from pulling out the nails out of the dry wall over time. They are normally included in most products on the market as free items. Installing the anchor screws is not something to give you sleepless nights. The process is not only easy but also less time consuming. Whether you are a beginner or experienced person you can install them in a matter of minutes. This article has brought you a simple guide on how to use  drywall anchors.

Get the Weight Right:

It is common for anchors to fall at some point in life. One of the reasons why anchors fall is the failure to assess the weight during installation. This means that you must ensure that you have assessed the weight before you embark on the process of installation in order to avoid issues later on. Start by determining the weight of the objects you would like to hang on the anchors. The label found on the box normally indicates the maximum weight to be placed on the anchor. Never ignore the weight limit as indicated by the manufacturer of the anchors. Pictures and other objects require less than 15 pounds of you want to use a sleeve or plastic anchors.

Buy better screws and sleeves:

Most products normally come with sleeves and screws. It is, however, advisable to buy new ones. Heavy duty screws are the best for fragile items. You need to compare more than one brand of screws and sleeves in order to make an informed decision in the long run. The screws can be purchased online from stores such as Amazon, eBay and others at affordable prices compared to the local market.

Use a Drill:

Use a drill to make a hole for anchoring the screws. It is not recommended to use a finish nail for the job. A drill is preferred because it creates sufficient space for the anchor sleeves.

Create a small hole:

The hole you are going to create should be smaller than you think. The hole has to be smaller than the closed end of your anchor. The anchor will not fit well if the hole is slightly larger. Remove the dust from the area. The fit has to be tight enough in order to last.

Tap the anchor into the wall:

Tap the anchor into the wall using a rubber mallet or hammer mallet. After tapping the screws ensure that you tighten them to make them stronger.

In conclusion, installing drywall anchors is a breeze. You need to start by selecting the right drywall anchors. Once you have chosen the anchors, you can follow the steps we have outlined to install them on the wall with ease.