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Grab quality activewear at discounted prices


Get Activewear is Australia’s newest online store for women’s fitness clothing and sports apparel. They boast a wide selection of gym tights, yoga pants and activewear leggings for women of all shapes and sizes. Get Activewear sources its gym gear from various overseas wholesalers. Carefully curating their products to ensure that customers will receive not only the best quality, but at the most affordable prices.

In recent years, activewear has exploded in popularity across the world. No longer is fitness clothing restricted for wear at the gym. It is now common place to see modern women, donning their favourite gym clothing to go to the local café, or for a casual stroll to the supermarket. However, at most fitness stores you could expect to spend hundreds of dollars on a simple pair of leggings. With Get Activewear, there’s no need to be out of pocket, to feel comfortable during your next workout.

Their online store only launched in September, and are now promoting an initial introductory offer. Activewear leggings start from as little as $19.90, with most products on sale between 20-50% off. Not to mention, there’s free shipping on all orders! Jump on to Get Activewear today, and look good for your next gym session.