March | 2022 | Girls Mag

Feast 4 Fitness

Feast4Fitness is all about getting fit in a sustainable way, by maximizing your metabolism. We are focused on incorporating your favorite foods, all while making fitness a simple lifestyle change. We have 3 classes per week: HIIT/Boxing, Strength, and Yoga. Click the link below for more information. The first ... Continue Reading

LANBENA ! Best Pore Shrinking Serum

Brand Name: LANBENAIngredients: HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA EXTRACT, BELLIS PERENNIS FLOWER EXTRACT, BETA VUL This serum can brighten skin tone, shrink pores, improve skin blood circulation and make skin younger, healthier and radiant This serum can penetrate the skin deeply, repair damaged skin, relieve skin dryness, maintain and replenish skin moisture, help ... Continue Reading

Benefits Of Custom Made Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been worn for thousands of years, with the first documented proof dating back to the Egyptians. Since then, hair extensions have continued to grow in popularity. If you’re interested in them or find hair salon in Westminster CO this is the guide for you Dream Hair ... Continue Reading

The Reason’ Norman Alexander Writes

Norman Alexander is an artist unafraid of the depths of songwriting. Matched with a deeply soulful voice, his lyrics explore themes of heartbreak, triumph, lost loves, and ; It’s this sort of balance that makes Norman Alexander so dynamic and electrifying. His first single, “No Goodbyes” introduced us to ... Continue Reading

Heartbreak Moon

stirring up incredible attention off of his 10/10 project called “Heartbreak Moon” this artist gives off a Juice WRLD & Lil Peep aura & emotion the way he vents through his music & captures his audience if you haven’t listened to Gohan The Supreme Kai I suggest listening to ... Continue Reading