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How French Bulldogs were bred and why it’s impossible not to love them

Miniature size, flattened muzzle, sniffling and grunting with any movement – that’s all he is, a charming pet of French breeders! Despite some difficulties in keeping French Bulldogs, the breed has become one of the most popular in the world. And there is an explanation for this: short soft fur, small size, obedience, great love and very great affection for the owners have made bulldogs the best companions for both active people and those who prefer leisurely walks.

Interestingly, the first mention of the French Bulldog is found already in the 19th century, but the breed does not originate in France. In the 1860s, several breeders from England imported several individuals into the territory of the French state, which differed from ordinary bulldogs in more compact sizes. At home, dogs were used only as decorative ones, having no practical purpose other than pleasing the eyes of representatives of the richest families.

But in France, the dogs were crossed with French terriers, and at the turn of the century, a breed of excellent fighting dogs was bred, which, at a small size, did well with such work as: cattle beaters, guards and rat hunters. By the way, the latter property has earned dogs popularity among the French proletarians.

Today, few of the owners of the “French” try them in catching rats, but believe me, your pet will never miss the opportunity to hunt! In addition, if you decide to adopt a French Bulldog, you will have to be very careful when walking. It’s a fighter dog! If timely training is neglected, the bulldog’s instincts will never allow him to pass by an arbitrarily large opponent, he will rush into battle to deliver the trophy to his beloved owner.

Such a dog will become a joy for every family and a friend for the child (even for the smallest ones, if the dog is properly trained to the child). Find your favorite one by the link:

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