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The Music World Continues to Be amazed By The Talents Of Sashank Venkatesh

How do they do it? That is, how do artists paint or sculpt so brilliantly and how do musicians compose and sing so beautifully and make it look so simple to do? Sashank Venkatesh, aka Noxigen, the Indian musician, singer, music producer and highly experienced and talented audio engineer, might not be able to tell you how sculptors sculpt or how painters make their art look so easy, but he can at least tell us how he got to this point in his successful career.

Sashank’s voice is incredibly beautiful. When you first hear him sing, you will probably start smiling with joy because you never thought you would hear something so invitingly vibrant come out of any one individual. It’s a new sound but yet, quite familiar for some reason. And that’s the beauty of it. Perhaps it’s because he has been studying music since he was six-years old and went on to immerse himself in Indian film music and Indian classical music. He says that it shaped his musical taste and initial listening skills. Of course, when he began listening to pop and rock music, everything changed for him. He then branched out to just about every kind of music available to him, especially video game music and sounds, which was, as he told us, an influence that needed to be unlocked, as the foundation of it was already planted because he was into games during his childhood.

He attended two music schools as a teenager, and that’s where he got into blues, jazz, R&B and he learned how to play the guitar. During that time, he became intensely interested in anything and everything that had to do with music mixing, mastering and production and that led him on a path to learning how to be an audio engineer. Sashank says that being a musician and an engineer has proven to be an invaluable tool as it gave him an added advantage in almost any situation. If he was working as a recording/mixing engineer, he could provide adequate understanding of someone’s musical needs and as a musician he could easily explain and help the audio engineers.
Sashank is a part of the Recording Academy and Musicares and he is a recurring part of the crew for Grammy Weekend. Apart from his solo career, (he will be releasing four songs in December and two more in January), he holds a position at Streamland Media and plays a part in some of the shows and movies that the company is working on. Streamland Media is the biggest post-production house in the world.

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