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Hard Work and Persistence Pays Off for Dynamic Actress Victoria Freire


Actors, (a term that applies to both men and women) can lead pretty tough lives. They are constantly looking for work, going on auditions and regularly being told that someone else got the part. It makes one wonder why people become actors in the first place. Artists such as Victoria Freire, do this because all they want to do in life is to act. Nothing else really matters.
Pursuing any kind of art as a way to make a living is seen by many as an impossible hardship that only a few determined souls are capable of pulling off. Victoria Freire, the wonderfully talented Spanish actor is one of those rare and determined people. So, when we see actors like her working steadily year in and year out, we are thrilled because we know what it takes to get into the entertainment industry and what it takes to stay in it and earn a living.

Her persistence and her large body of work tells us that, “Yes, it can be done! Artists can make a living doing what they love to do!” She came to New York because of her commitment and passion for acting, despite her extensive career in Spain and Victoria has performed in award-winning short films and feature-length motion pictures. She is also no stranger to the theatrical stage where her credits include roles in Off-Broadway plays such as “Sketches of New York,” “Brain,” “Beware the Kraken” and “The Home,” among others.

Her film and TV work contains too many projects to name them all here but a few of them are: the TV series “Hospital Central,” and “MIR.” Some of the movies Victoria has been featured in, to name just a few are “1948,” “The Indivisibility of Blood,” “Dual: Heirs from the past,” “A Fantastic World,” “A year on the Moon” and “The Dirty Kind.”
Victoria, it seems, never stops pursuing her art and is always actively looking for ways to improve her acting skills and to control the projects she is involved with. To do that, she has also honed her writing and dramatic presentation skills. She is preparing an Off-Broadway show, titled “The Devil’s Card,” in which she is the playwright and actress. She has also created a show “Letters from the asylum,” based on the life of the French sculptor Camille Claudel. Victoria will play Camille and the show will open in February, 2023 in New York City in an Off-Broadway theater.

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