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5 Home Improvements That Instantly Add Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal can make a huge difference when the time comes to sell your home. In a saturated market where there are more sellers than buyers, kerb appeal will help you sell your home quicker. Buyers tend to pay close attention to photos and skip over the text, so a set of attractive images will tempt buyers to book a viewing. And the more viewings you have, the more likely you are to achieve your asking price. 

Some of the home improvements below are more expensive than others, but all are worth doing if your budget allows. You don’t even need to be thinking about selling your home! 

Replacement Windows

Replacing older windows for new UPVC windows will make a property more energy efficient, which is something to think about in the current energy market. In addition, brand-new windows look smart and can be far more aesthetically pleasing. 

White UPVC windows are the cheapest option, but there are other colours to choose from these days. Dark grey is a popular look and wood effect windows can look very attractive on older, brick built properties. 

Choose a style of windows in keeping with the era of the property, so they don’t look out of place. 

Fasicas and Guttering

Rotten fascia boards and old metal guttering look awful and can be a maintenance nightmare. If your roof is OK but the fascias and gutters are past their sell-by date, have them replaced. Damaged gutters and fascia boards in poor condition can lead to a host of other problems, like penetrating damp. It is also a good clue that you haven’t spend much time and energy on home maintenance, which is a major red flag for most buyers.


Is your driveway cracked and infested with weeds? Does it have more holes than a colander? If so, it is about time you upgraded it to a new one!

There are lots of driveway options these days. Sealed concrete and resin drives look attractive, as do block paved driveays. You can even combine different materials, such as a tarmac drive with block paved edging, or a resin drive with bock paving. 

Speak to a driveways Birmingham expert for ideas and see what your options are depending on the site and your budget. 

Landscaped Front Garden

Don’t underestimate the benefit of landscaping your front garden. It needn’t be a massive project. Some well placed shrubs, freshly laid turf, and a few seasonal flowers will brighten up the space and make it look more attractive to casual viewers. 

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting isn’t just essential for home security. It can also accentuate certain features of your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing at night. Up and down wall lights look great when positioned around a front door, especially on a brick wall. Coach lanterns are also attractive when used for decorative purposes.

Any of the improvements above will add kerb appeal to your home. Choose the ones that best fit your budget. 

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