Domme-Nation | Girls Mag


An erotic apparel and adult novelties store focused on BDSM that was made for and created by dominant women and the submissive slaves that worship them. The site features women’s regular and plus-sized lingerie, men’s lingerie, accessories, sex toys, some clothing, costumes, shoes, and so much more!

No fetish gets turned away on Domme-Nation! There are balloons, rubber headgear, and wetlook catsuits for latex lovers and there are strap-on harnesses with all kinds of dildos to match with them for partners who indulge in pegging.

There are even collections of items that are made for gay men who like to dress sexy in erotic costumes and underwear, as well as, collections that focus on sissification and providing products like wigs and frilly dresses to sissy men who wish to embrace their inner woman.

There is also an affiliate program that allows individuals to sign up and promote for Domme-Nation to earn 10% commission on all sales that they bring to the site, so they can shop the extremely low prices, get even more discounts via email offers, AND they can EARN MONEY just by showing their friends!

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