There have been many myths about the bird nest. Some people think that it is made from the bird’s saliva and it is just disbelief that it has some nutritional and medically healing effect on the body if we eat it. On the other hand, it is strongly believed that if a person eats or drinks it. It can have a strong nutritional effect on that person and can also cure many diseases, like atherosclerosis, and asthma, and also can increase the immunity of that person. I am here to break all the myths and misconceptions about the royal bird nest and tell you all the truths and facts about it.

Royal bird nests are nests of edible swiftlets or Indian swiftlets, created by their saliva which is then later hardened into a solid-state just for the use of human beings. These nests can be harvested from the deep dark caves and limestone caves. As these nests are rich in magnesium and calcium and many other minerals that are suitable for the human body. It also contains essential proteins and carbohydrates that are very beneficial to the human body. You can say that it is completely dietary and has nutritional benefits. In Chinese culture, it is believed that the royal bird nest has great taste as well as have the quality of the medicine as it can be used to cure and treat many diseases like atherosclerosis, which may lead to many serious pathologies, asthma, improve the digestion which enhances the patient’s health and help to get rid of the bad stomach.   

It is very expensive and is used in many Chinese cuisines for making different kinds of soups and many other dishes. It has immense benefits for the human body and it is now not just a traditional belief but is scientifically proven. It has high prices and is very hard to find. There are many scams related to the authentication of the products. Because many sellers sell fake products and charge very high prices. But here is the solution to all these problems. You can find fresh and unprocessed royal bird nest at a very reasonable price on eBay.  Phenomena is an online store on eBay which provide royal bird nest from Cambodia. It is a Cambodian-based company. You can get bird nests of very good quality at various reasonable prices depending on the quantity. GO CHECK THEM OUT.     

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