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The Best Dresses To Wear During Mardi Gras

Among the festivals that are not completely off despite the pandemic is the Mardi Gras. The festival may look different compared before but still a good way to celebrate the holiday. 

Mardi Gras is a traditional event that requires the guests to dress up. It might be stressful to look for what to wear, but there are a lot of options. This article will help you prepare for the most famous event in New Orleans. Read on to see more outfit ideas and the things to consider in choosing one. 

Best Dresses for Mardi Gras 

Mardi Gras is an annual event and is very traditional when it comes to costumes. It will be a long event so having plenty of dresses is necessary to enjoy the occasion. 

So, here is a list of dresses you can wear during Mardi Gras:

  • High Slit Dresses: This dress is ideal for evening wear as it looks glamorous. It is also strapless but the material hugs your body instead. 
  • Midi Dress: Wearing a midi dress allows you to move freely. It highlights the curves and also the back and shoulders. This is perfect for any occasion with all the possible color choices. 
  • Bandage Dress: This one is a sexy dress that will bring out your body shape. It is also body-hugging with lots of design options. 
  • Front-Zippered Dress: Here is another dress to show off your curves. It has a timeless design that won’t be too revealing but will enhance the curves. 
  • Party Dress: There are several party dresses you can pick from. Most of them are brightly colored which is better worn at night. The design is very detailed and it is figure-hugging. It is best paired with jewelry and other accessories. 

Factors to Consider When Dressing Up For Mardi Gras  

Confidence is often a result of what you wear, from head to toe. During Mardi Gras, there are no specific rules of what you can wear. 

If you are having a hard time finding the right dress for yourself, please consider the following tips:

Know the Right Colors 

Dresses come in different colors, regardless of the design. In addition to that, color plays a vital role in how the dress will look. Mardi Gras focuses on three colors, green, purple, and gold. Each color symbolizes a thing, like green for faith, gold for power, and purple for justice. 

Choose the color that you think represents what you feel about the festival. You can go for other shades aside from the three. 

 Bring Comfortable Dresses 

Wearing a full costume in the event will catch attention. However, only bring dresses and accessories that will fit in your luggage. The good news is, you can buy costumes in New Orleans to have more space in your suitcase. 

Choose comfort over wearing a crazy outfit because as said earlier, the event lasts longer than you expect. Just wear dresses whichever brings you comfort and there is no need to adapt the traditional costumes. 

Dress Accordingly 

Though there are no dress codes that have been implemented, learn to dress that best suits the occasion. 

For example, you will be attending a formal event, revealing dresses are the least choice compared to long gowns. You can match the outfit with heels and leather gloves when it is winter. You can also layer the dress with a jacket to add up style and protect yourself from the cold. 

While dresses are good, some cannot be the best choice. It includes outfits that are skin revealing and have too many cut-outs. Indeed, your final look matters for such an event as long as it is appropriate. 

A Pair of Shoes

There will be a lot of walking during Mardi Gras that may tire your feet. Make sure to wear shoes or sandals that are comfortable for long periods. If you will wear high heels, better put inserts to avoid injuring your feet while partying. Lastly, please pick easy-to-clean shoes. 

Glamorous Hair and Makeup 

Mardi Grad is such a vibrant event and doing your makeup will make you stand out. Use more vivid eyeshadows to look bolder and sexier in front of the crowd. Let down your hair and put feathers to improve your style. The makeup must last for a day with little touch-ups. 

Wear Masks 

Another highlight of this event is people have to wear masks during the parade as part of the tradition. It serves as a protection against the beads thrown from the balconies and also from the direct sunlight. Wear a mask that complements your overall attire. 

Other Accessories 

Complete your look with sensible accessories that you can wear for a long period. You can bring a small bag to secure your belongings but it should match your outfit. Better not to wear any jewelry during the parade as there is a risk of losing them. A portable charger also plays a significant role to keep your devices working after taking several selfies. 

Finding a Mardi Gras Dress That Suits You 

A lot of mardi gras outfits are sold in the market so there is nothing to worry about. Always look for what you think is comfortable to wear that will never lose your glamor and style. Also, consider how many dresses will fit in your suitcase so better plan ahead. Enjoy your Mardi Gras experience and do not forget to take a photo of your OOTDs. 

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