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8 Tips to Oomph up Your Maxi Dresses

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In recent years, wearing a maxi dress has become common whether in the daytime, at an evening soiree or for your daily errands. A date, a friend’s night out, or a beach trip are a few of the occasions to pull your favorite maxi out of your closet. The bonus point is that maxi dresses look incredibly chic; hence you can rock the look anywhere! If you want to invest smartly in your wardrobe, instead of getting a cluster of new clothes, buy some maxi dresses of varying styles, and you are all set. 

Maxi dresses are effortless – easy to wear, and you can style the same maxi with various accessories and create distinct looks each time. If you like more coverage, a long maxi dress is the best solution for you. Or, just in case you missed shaving your legs, this outfit is your best hack. You may think this breezy attire is best suited for summer or springtime, but that is far from being true. With the right aesthetic sense and style-up hacks, you can pull off a maxi look during any season. 

From halter neck maxi to pleated floral ones, there is a wide variety available in every size online and in-stores. You don’t need to get tensed even if you are a little on the chubbier side, as you can get your favorite plus size long maxi dresses to upgrade your wardrobe. You can choose from long-sleeve floral print maxi dresses, animal print pleated dresses, short-sleeve V-neck dresses, tie-dye dresses and many more designs depending on the occasion. 

When it comes to styling up your maxi outfits, there are plenty of ideas to oomph it up. However, carrying this outfit decorously according to different occasions and pairing it up with accessories and other items can be tricky. But no need to worry! We are here to reveal some amazing tips to help you style up your maxi attire. 

1- Style up Your Maxi Dress with a Belt

When you want to do something extra and unique with your maxi outfit, styling it with a chic belt can be a great choice to maximize your classy look. Oomph up your maxi with a neutral color belt, or go with a contrast to bring finesse to your overall look. Adding a belt to your ensemble will accentuate your waist and give your figure a gorgeous look. 

2- Go with High Heels

If you love to dress up, high heels are a great choice of footwear for your maxi dress. You can pair block heel sandals to attain a dressier look at evening events. Meanwhile, wedges are the perfect option to add comfort to fashion. Whatever the occasion, wearing a maxi ensemble with high heels should be your first choice for an evening look.  

Remember, the height of your heels should complement the length of your dress. To avoid your long dress trailing along the ground or any trip hazard, you need to keep your maxi’s length to floor ratio just perfect. 

3- Accessorize It with a Captivating Necklace

Who says you have to wear formal accessories or even dressy ones over your maxi outfit? There is no specific rule: it depends on your choice of accessories and the event you are getting ready for. Jewelry enhances your look in any attire. For example, some maxi dresses have plunging necklines. In that case, a captivating necklace will be perfect to compliment your outfit. You can opt for a bright color that matches your attire or neutral tones such as silver, gold and bronze.   

4- Take a Classy Bag

If you plan to go for lunch with friends and wear a maxi dress, keeping it subtle is the best option. Style your maxi outfit with minimal accessories. Go for a tote or a shoulder bag to look more casual. 

Have dinner at your boss’s place? Pair up your maxi ensemble with gemstone jewels and a gorgeous statement bag.

5- Style Your Maxi with a Denim Jacket

Planning to put on your favorite maxi outfit, and it’s cold outside? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Denim jackets are a perfect fit to help you layer up in slightly colder weather. This combo looks very stylish and magnificent. The good thing is that this combination makes you look younger. Besides, it has a cordial relationship with all complexions due to its neutral color.

6- Wear It with Sneakers

Maxi dress with sneakers, sounds weird? Sports footwear and long dresses were not very popular once. However, this has changed today. Nowadays, a fusion of dress and sneakers applies to sporty ladies and professional or even middle-aged women. This is a lifesaver for those who are not comfortable in high heels. You can walk freely, and your legs will be much thankful to you! Follow the few tips below to look classic in the unique combo of maxi + sneakers.

  • Pair compact shoes, such as sneakers, if the length of your maxi outfit is below the ankle
  • If you’re wearing a decorative maxi outfit, combine it with minimalist sneakers
  • Sneakers with massive décor will be a great choice if you plan to put on a plain maxi attire with simple cuts  

7- Pair Your Asymmetrical Maxi Dress with Stilettos 

The asymmetrical maxi outfit has a short front and a long back. It not only looks sexy but original too. If you are going to opt for an asymmetrical maxi dress, don’t whirl away the elegance by pairing it with boring flats. Instead, choose a pair of footwear that amplifies your overall appearance. A pair of stilettos or peep-toe pumps are the perfect way to accessorize your ensemble. Go for neutrals to rock the look! Whatever you choose, the right pair of shoes can make your asymmetrical maxi outfit look more enchanting. 

8- Floral Printed Maxi Dress with Flats 

Are you invited to a beach party? Take your favorite floral printed maxi out from the closet, pair it with flip flops, and you’re good to go! Upgrade to flat leather sandals or metallic ones if heading for a shopping spree or luncheon with friends. These beautiful floral prints brighten up any attire and express an elegant style. 


Always in fashion and so graceful, maxi outfits are a must-have for every woman. Whether it’s evening or daytime, a summer or winter occasion, there are hundreds of ways to carry your maxi attire according to your event. You can count on these comfortable yet super stylish dresses from dawn till dusk! A reminder – don’t forget to pull out a chunky cardigan, a denim jacket or a shrug if it’s a little colder outside. 

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