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Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Eyelash Extension.

Eyelash Extensions help your eyes look big and provide a much more feminine.

If you are learning to get the first extensions for yourself, then do check the following Dos and Don’ts for extensions.


Go to a Professional

Health is a priority for every individual so, when going for lash extensions then, compromising with health is not an option. Professionals know the exact technique to attach lashes to your natural hair. Working around the eye is not easy as it is sensitive, so it is best to be at minimum risk. During lash application, hygiene is the foremost thing to take care of in the salon.

And check the authenticity of the specialist.

24 hours Wait before you wet the Extensions

The adhesive used in lash extension requires 24 hours for complete cure. Lash adhesives are improving with time, but eyelash extensions need safety from water and heat. And avoid going to the gym or doing any activity that makes you sweat on the day when extensions are done.

Regular Cleaning

One needs to clean the eye gunk that is released during blinking, if not done, then it gets accumulated and can block the lash follicle oil. It can also lead to lah mites. So, clean your lash with a lash cleanser after any activity like swimming, bathing, and working out. If you don’t wash your lashes frequently then it can turn out to be an epicenter for germs, dirt, and debris.

Also, take care that during cleaning you don’t harm the adhesive and the lashes fall out.

Brush Your Lashes

Brushing is needed to keep lashes clean and perfect. Because lash extensions can tangle after a long day so to prevent this stress to your lashes and not allowing natural lashes to grow in the wrong directions, brushing is necessary.

Use Silk Pillow Cover

You cannot allow your hair to untangle, and cotton pillow covers will do the same, as they suck the oil from the roots and leave your lashes looking brittle and dry. And eventually, your lashes break easily. Since silk is friction-free, so it avoids the unnecessary wear and tear of your lash.


No Heat

Heat is terrible for your lashes, even excessive sunlight can make them fall. So, sunglasses are an option to avoid sunlight, so polarized glasses are great as they keep your eyes cool. Also, hot baths, saunas, and steam can affect lash bonding.

Avoid Unsafe Lash Products

The lash products break the binding of the lash glue that connects the extensions with the natural hair as they contain alcohol and oils. The hair care products also harm the extensions and can make them fall.

Mascara is an absolute no because if it attaches to the glue, it can break the bonding with the natural hair.

Using lash curlers can stretch your natural hair and extensions. Use cotton pads for cleaning purposes otherwise, premature falling can happen.

Avoid rubbing or pulling Lashes

Lashes need care and not rubbing and wear-and-tear. And undoubtedly, pulling your lash would cause their fallout.

Sleeping on stomach

A sleeping pattern helps your lashes live long. So, avoid sleeping on your stomach and prefer sleeping on your back.