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Gamblers Prefer Cash Payments in Casinos

Customers Choose Cash for Gambling in Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

According to the recent survey conducted by Great Britain’s Gambling Commission, those who prefer to gamble in land-based gambling establishments like to do this via fiat money. More information from the study can be also found here

The UKGC survey has shown how players consider cash and cashless payment methods, and which of them can help to spend less in casinos.

A cashless society is one of the reasons for problem gambling

The latest figures show that online payments have become more and more popular in the modern world. People choose them because of convenience and fast speed. Great Britain isn’t an exception as its citizens also pay for goods and services without cash. The COVID-19 pandemic only nailed down this trend.

314 people took part in the poll, answering questions about cash and cashless payments in the gambling industry. The Gambling Commission has used several rates to assess how players feel about various payment options.

The survey has proved that payments made with cash allow gamblers to control how much they spend on this type of entertainment. Almost eighty percent of players have confirmed that when they gamble via cash they don’t spend much. Seventy percent of respondents have added that cash payments help them to set limits.

Cashless payments, vice versa, make it more difficult to control how much a player spends in a land-based casino. Eighty-five percent of respondents have confirmed that when they use cashless payment options, they can easily spend more money in casinos than they have been initially intended to spend. More than seventy percent of the poll participants have said that depositing without cash is the best way to play in a gambling establishment longer. Moreover, some of the respondents think that cashless payments create an illusion that they spend less money.

All in all, the importance of controlling money during playing in casinos is frequently emphasized in all responsible gambling messages. That is why the majority of the UK players agree to the fact that setting limits is important to some extent. Almost all gamblers have said that allocating a certain bankroll for playing casino games can save them from spending too much on this entertainment. What is more interesting, the younger generation of players, from eighteen to thirty-four, is less interested in keeping to a budget (33%), while older players prefer to count the money (from 35 to 54 – 56%, from 55 – 72%).

According to the study, Britons use cashless payments in various spheres of their life. For example, almost 90% of respondents have answered that they usually pay via digital payment options in restaurants. However, in land-based casinos, they still choose cash payments: playing slots (77%), sports betting (71), casino games (69%).

As casino news informs, at the same time, it doesn’t mean that cashless depositing doesn’t have advantages. Many gamblers prefer such payments as they ensure security and fast speed of transactions. Younger players are highly interested in digital payments as they know how to use modern technologies and understand their benefits.

The poll has also shown that twenty-two percent of land-based gamblers don’t mind if a provider assesses their gambling-related transactions. Thirty-three percent of casino customers don’t like this idea.