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What to pack for Thailand as a female?

As Covid-19 pandemya is reaching to its end with vaccines like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Bacille Calmette-Guérin, Moderna, Sputnik V we dare to dream about 2021 summer – autumn seasons spent on a seaside. Thailand has traditionally attracted tourists from all around the world so why not get a closer look at the country (officially welcoming vaccinated tourists since July 2021) and its peculiarities starting with… packing. It can be one of the boring things that very few people love to do. When you are travelling to different destinations the packing varies according to the weather and the type of activities you are going to enjoy there. It also depends on whether you are going on a business tour or just a vacation. If you are planning to visit Thailand for your vacations and wondering what to pack for Thailand then this article will help you understand the things that you need to pack for as a female traveler for Thailand.

Do not rush into anything just relax and enjoy packing your bags. Well the clothes are really cheap in Thailand so you can keep some room in your backpack for your hippie trousers or tank tops. Make sure you have travel insurance with you before you decide to visit Thailand.

You must be wondering why you need to think so much about packing for Thailand, but it is necessary looking at the various aspects that you have to deal with in Thailand.

Here is the packing list for women visiting Thailand

• 2 dresses ( 1 short and 1 maxi)
• 3 shorts ( one board shorts, 1 denim and one athletic pair)
• One cotton shirt
• 3 – Tank tops
• 1- Mini skirt
• One dry fit shirt
• One long trousers
• One leggings
• Pairs of under wears
• 2 bikinis
• Sports bra
• Travel scarf- light weight
• Hiking boots
• Hat
• Flip-flops
• Sandals

Also there are certain accessories that you need to carry while travelling to Thailand. You also need to carry important documents with you. Some other essentials are

• Padlocks
• Packing cubes
• Water bottle
• Ziplocks
• Sleep sheet
• Electric tape
• Laundry line
• LED flashlight attached to the bag- small one
• Headwear
• Rain cover
• Towel

Some Electronics that you can carry on your trip to Thailand are

• Laptop plus charger
• Kindle
• GoPro
• Headphones
• Headphone splitter
• SD cards – 2
• Camera
• Power bank
• Universal converter

For backpacks it is better to have in-built lock systems. If you are carrying valuables you can easily secure your belongings to a tree without the need to be stressed about your luggage. Some of the basic toiletries that you need to carry along is List of Toiletries

• Tampons
• Lip balms
• Shampoo, body gel, conditioner
• Wet wipes
• Lotion and moisturizer
• Deodorant
• Sunscreen as it is quite expensive in Thailand
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Nail file and nail cutter
• Hand sanitizer
• First Aid Kit with basic medicines for stomach problems, pain cough and band aids.

Now you have all the essentials listed out but make sure you do not carry too many of them. If you are planning to spend leisure time around beaches in Thailand then do not forget to carry an extra pair of bikini and sleeved shirt (long sleeves).

Make sure you carry mosquito repellent along with you. In case it rains in Thailand you get Ponchos easily available at stores and even the hotels provide umbrellas for their guests. Still it is better to be ready with rain wear in Thailand to avoid last minute hassles. You can carry waterproof jacket, umbrella or pocket poncho.

Outfit for massage sessions

If you are planning to enjoy massages in Thailand then do not forget to take leggings/yoga pants with you when you pack your bags. They are the comfortable outfits that you can enjoy massage in.

Outfits for visiting temples

You should wear below the knees clothing while visiting the temples in Thailand. It is a strict rule there and you are supposed to follow it. Women are supposed to wear long trousers or skirts with shoes with closed toes. So, do not forget to include the clothing for temples while packing your bags.


If you are on a beach vacation the ideal footwear to enjoy around beachside is flip-flops. Also while you need to take off the shoes before you enter shops or homes. In such cases flip-flops are quite convenient. You will also find flip-flops comfortable and safe for your feet while walking along the roads or beaches of Thailand.

In case your trip includes more of sight-seeing and walking around then a sturdy sandal would be the right choice. If you are planning to dress up for nice dinner at night or a night out the pack sandals to complement your dress. Also carry hair ties to kick off those very hot days. You can also carry razor to let your legs stay smooth.

Sun protection items to pack for Thailand

Do not forget to carry your sunscreen as you will find limited selection when it comes to sunscreens with SPF numbers. Sunscreen is expensive in Thailand and if you are choosy about certain brands or you have a sensitive skin it is better to carry your brand with you. I advise aloe based sun protection cosmetics by Key West Aloe I really enjoyed in 2020.

You need total sun protection as Thailand’s sun can be stronger than you expect. There are chances of getting skin burns and thus you need a good sunscreen here. Also carry sunglasses with you to avoid the direct exposure of sun on your eyes.

Do not forget to carry necessary visas and passport along with your travel insurance.

Before you plan to visit Thailand you can spare some time browsing the internet and know the useful items to be included while packing for Thailand. It also depends on your purpose to visit Thailand like whether you are going on a vacation or a business trip. Whether you are interested in sight seeing exploring the different attractions or simply want to enjoy spending time along beaches and enjoy massage and other water activities there. Your backpacks solely depend on the activities that you would like to enjoy in Thailand. It is always better to have all the essentials as you may need them at some point or the other.