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Soil Balance

Are you getting enough iron? How about protein? Vitamins and other minerals?

Well, these very same questions can be posed to your plants. After all, your backyard and garden companions are living things like you and me, needing nutrition and sustenance to survive.

No surprise, right? Every good gardener knows to fertilize their garden denizens with well-balanced applications and plant food and compost when they need it.

Experienced gardeners – and farmers, too – learn the exact nutrients needed at any stage of growth, for health, beauty, and even tastiness. Further, they can pick up on what plants need through various signs and indicators, diagnosing illnesses, pest issues, and nutrient deficiencies.

So, what do our garden companions need to eat, and how can you provide that for them?

More importantly – what nutrients are you supposed to be paying attention to in your fertilizers? What do your plants really need?

Soil Balance is a highly concentrated “plant probiotic” that acts as a digestive system which comprehensively increases trace nutrient absorption (Zinc, Iron, Manganese, etc).

Trace nutrients are essential to increase the flavor, aroma and color producing compounds in all plants. Soil Balance microbes additionally help regulate over or under watering and fertilizing, making growing plants easier! Approved for use in USDA certified organic food production by OMRI. It is a new era. We believe it all begins with nutrient dense food.

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