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Why are Tennis Bracelets So Expensive?

A tennis bracelet is a classy piece of jewelry that goes well with both casual and formal looks. In addition to being popular, this jewelry item is also expensive. Also known as a line diamond bracelet, it has multiple tiny diamonds arranged in a prong setting. The gems are joined by a thin chain made of valuable metal. It can have one or multiple rows of gems.

The name tennis bracelet owes to an interesting event that took place in the 1987 US Open. The famous player Chris Evert put a halt to an intense match to search for her bracelet she had lost while playing the tournament.

Why are Tennis Bracelets Expensive?

Tennis bracelets usually cost around $2500 or more. The price can even go higher than $100000. That is because of the precious metals and multiple diamonds used to make it. The diamonds are colorless and of higher quality in terms of both clarity and cut.

While the diamond’s size is small, some bracelets sport large diamonds as well. Clarity becomes a concern with bigger diamonds, which means they are going to be more expensive not just because of the bigger size but due to higher clarity.

The metal of the bracelet is made of 18K gold (rose or white) or platinum. Yellow gold is another favorable option for the metal in tennis bracelets. A relatively new trend has begun where the jewelers are now using real colored diamonds, mostly black, which has jacked up the price sharply.

Another reason for the high prices of tennis bracelets is the number of diamonds used to make them. Many bracelets include 62 tiny diamonds with 18k gold or platinum. Platinum is quite a valuable metal and 18K gold is not easy on the pocket either. Even if the metal used is not 18k gold, there is going to be 925 sterling silver. It also contributes to the high price denomination on the tennis bracelet.

The popularity of this jewelry item is also a factor for the higher price tag. This piece of jewelry has been in the market for 30 years and its popularity has not declined ever since. Because of its higher demand and relevance in style, it has a higher price denomination.

How to Make it Affordable?

While tennis bracelets are an expensive jewelry item, a few compromises might bring it into your purchasing power. Go for the eye-clean and visibly clear diamonds in the bracelets. That will not make any difference in the appearance, but you will save up a lot in price. Similarly, reducing the carat weight would not impact the jewelry’s look, but it definitely will be less of a burden on your savings. Apart from these tips, here are the other alternatives to real diamond tennis bracelets:

Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are a good option if you want to save money when buying a tennis necklace. They are not fake diamonds. They are just not extracted from the earth and grown in a lab instead. They have similar physical properties as that of natural diamonds and are identical to them in appearance. Despite having the same look and properties as that of natural gems, they are 80 percent cheaper.

Using colored diamonds (not the naturally colored ones) is also a creative way to reduce the price while rendering the bracelet more elegant and unique.

Alternative Gemstones

Moissanite is a gemstone that has the same appearance as a diamond. It is popular as an ethical substitute for diamonds and can be used in a tennis bracelet as well. Similarly, white sapphire can be used instead of diamonds in the bracelet. Not only that it looks almost like diamonds, but it is also very durable. If you want to save further, try getting lab-created white sapphire stones for the bracelet.

Cubic Zirconia is also a good alternative, as it looks like a diamond. However, ensure that it is high quality and well-crafted. Moreover, the metal should be durable and complement the gems. Just because you are saving money on the bracelet does not mean it has to look subpar.

As a gift, a tennis bracelet is usually given on a wedding day, wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, childbirth, or any achievement work or otherwise.