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LED Light for facials! Pros and cons

Everyone want to look beautiful attracting and charming. For this people use cosmetics and use different therapies. LED LIGHT THERAPY is one of them. LED skin devices are used to treat wrinkels , signs of aging to acne , scarring, dark spots , redness  and almost every issue related to skin and mostly with face. Different frequencies of light are used in the LED LIGHT for facials. Mostly used frequencies are red and blue which are UV  rays that are easily absorbed by the skin.

Red light is used for treating the r of the skin problems related to epidermis,the outer most layer of the skin.Red light therapy can also be used to reduce inflammation,give healthier glow and also improve circulation. While blue light is used to treat the problems related to the glands like sabecous glands and oil glands. These two lights can also be used in combination to treat acne , scarring and also to promote anti-inflammatory effects.

Profesional LED light therapy machines are used for led light facials Normal led lights can cause complications. So it better to use professional led light therapy machines. You can get a professional machine from advance-esthetic.us. They provide very good quality cosmetic products in very economical price. If your thinking to have a led light therapy or have mind to buy a professional led light therapy machine, you should keep following pros and cons of the led light therapy machine.  


  • Accelerate the skin circulation for anti-aging.
  • It is easy to use.
  • They reduce fine lines.
  • Remove dark spots.
  • Enhance the skin elasticity. 
  • Clean skin deeply.
  • Shrink the  skin pores.
  • It is comfortable and painless.


  • These devices are not widely studied.
  • It has very high cost
  • The quality of the devices may not be consistent 
  • Burns and blisters have been reported due to the use of RLT units.