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Double cleansing – which products should you use?

The Korean method of double cleansing has gained many staunch supporters over recent years. What is the main idea behind it? What products should you buy in order to introduce the method in your routine? You will find the answers below.

Cleansing is the most important part of everyone’s skin routine. In modern times, our skin has to deal with various challenges due to pollution or usage of makeup products. In most cases, it is not enough to wash it with water, unless you live in the countryside and use only natural cosmetics.

Have you ever fallen asleep with makeup? Sure, most of us have at least one episode of this kind. The devastating effect visible on your skin on the following day proves the importance of cleansing. It allows unblocking the pores, which helps to avoid outbreaks. At the same time, it enables better absorption of active ingredients in creams and serums.

The method of double cleansing – how to implement it?

Using one product and washing your face only once, you don’t have a chance to clean your skin adequately to the level of impurities absorbed by it. The Korean method of double cleansing is easy to implement and takes the skin routine to the next level. Instead of one, you use two products. The first one is based on oil, and the second has a water base. It’s significant to keep the right order in which you use them.

Double cleansing – supplying yourself with products

You will need two products – the oil-based one that attracts the greasy impurities, and the water-based one which helps with removing the sweat.

In the first phase, you can use either oil with an emulsifier or cleansing milk, suitable for removing the leftovers of makeup and sebum. Using only oils is not recommended because of the layer it leaves on the skin. In the second phase, you use a water-based, light formula, for example, a foaming gel. 

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When to use the double-cleansing method?

There is no need to double cleanse two times per day. In the morning, your skin is not that charged with impurities due to the lack of makeup, so you won’t need such a deep cleansing. The Korean method should be used in the evening; however, using it twice per day will not harm your skin. Just be careful with balancing the pH level of your skin. Washing your face too often can affect that balance.

How to make sure your skin pH after cleansing is in line with its natural one? After the application of the oil-based and water-based formulas, use either toner or hydrolate, which is basically the leftover product from the essential oil extraction process. These cosmetics will help you bring back the natural pH to your skin.