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Medical Spas: Who can Own and Operate a Med Spa in Georgia?

Spa centers are a thriving business, as well as becoming a very popular place for people from all walks of life who want to spend a little time unwinding and relaxing after a stressful week at the office or their place of work. Most spa centers, or day spas as they are also known, will offer a range of wellbeing services to their clients including massage, pedicures and manicures and facials.

However, if you are looking for specific medical treatments for skin, or for services such as CoolSculpting, which is a very popular method for fat removal that uses a procedure called cryolipolysis, then you’ll need to visit a medical spa center, which is different to a day spa.

What are the differences between a day spa and med spa?

These two types of spas very often seem as the same thing for many people, but there are actually a number of important differences between the two.   

Day Spa

A day spa is one that offers guests the chance to unwind and enjoy a selection of personal care treatments, mainly which are focused on relaxation, health and beauty. 

Most day spas will offer services such as various types of massage, nail and hair treatments, and also mud wraps and other facials that can help improve the skin. You’ll also find that there are a number of day spas that offer some more specialized treatments such as reflexology.

Medical Spa

The main difference between a med and day spa is that a medical spa will always be under the supervision of a medical director, and the treatments being offered will be performed by medical professionals who have been highly trained.

At a medical spa you can find a range of skin services such as chemical peels, skin lightening, CoolSculpting, Botox and other similar types of treatments that require a skilled professional to perform the treatment.

Opening a medical spa

If you are planning on opening a medical spa center, then you need to need to carefully look at the legal requirements of doing so in a specific state such as Georgia, or the country you reside in. As medical spas such as RevitalizeYou MD offer medical treatments, there are many more restrictions as to who can open a med spa business. 

In the United States, the majority of services that are offered by med spas are viewed as being medical, and under the corporate practice of medicine, which is a legal doctrine, it states that only a licensed physician, or a corporation owned by a physician can own and operate a medical spa. In addition, patient fees for providing various medical spa services can only be collected by physicians or physician owned companies.

Using management services

As the industry is one that has experienced huge growth, which doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon, there are a lot of entrepreneurs and companies that would like to grab their own slice of the med spa pie. However, due to the rules and regulations, not everyone is able to. But a solution to this problem is at hand for those who are determined to find a legal way into this lucrative industry.

There are a number of companies that have opened up nationwide that can help non-physicians partner with physicians across the US, by offering a range of management services and solutions for everything from accounting, branding and marketing, and real estate and management. 

These companies that are formed are known as management services organizations (MSO), which basically act as a landlord to the medical practice, and will charge them a fee to work in their space. The MSO is able to undertake any business functions apart from offering medical services, which is why they need to partner with a physician or physician owned company.

The popularity of medical spa

Medical spas are very big business in many places around the world, and there are more and more people who visit them for specific types of treatment, rather than head to their local medical center or hospital. 

In addition to their wide range of skin care services, a number of medical spas are also offering medical-grade aesthetic treatments including hair transplantation, acne therapies, Botox injections and much more.

Anti-aging has become a popular buzzword again over the past 5 or so years, and is no longer seen as something that is only for the rich and famous. Everyone wants to look younger and have a youthful glow about them, but previously, the treatments to achieve this were always very expensive and simply not affordable for many people.

However, over the years as technology has advanced at a stunning rate, along with much more research carried out on many aspects of anti-aging, the treatments are now much more affordable, and can be enjoyed by everyone. 

You’ll find that most local medical spas will offer a wide range of such services, including laser hair removal, facials for smoothing skin, body contouring and many others. As more and more people live longer lives, the demand for looking young will only increase among our ever growing population.

Some final thoughts

If you are looking to get into the med spa industry, then there has never been an easier time than now. With the business in a constant surge of growth, where demand is easily exceeding supply, you’ll surely have noticed that there are more and more med spas opening up in towns and cities all over the world.

Even though there are great restrictions on who can open up such a business, compared to a regular day spa which is a much easier process, there are a number of number of solutions available, and using a management service that can help you create an MSO are one of the most effective and easiest ways to get started.

As with every business, the key to success is a passion and love for the industry, so if you are someone that has a strong commitment and interest in the world of health treatments, beauty and reinvigoration, then you are much more likely to succeed in your endeavors.