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How To Know If Younger Men Are Interested In Meeting Cougars On Dating Sites

Ever since the beginning of time, older men would date younger women if they so chose. It wasn’t unusual for a husband to leave his progressively aging wife in favor of someone less mature. This often left the “young of heart” ladies feeling like there was a term of expiration once a specific age approached. But all of that changed – drastically.

Now, the mature generation of women is in the spotlight. They’re finding younger men looking outside their age group – far outside, in hopes of finding (in some cases) what they term “cougar.”  Open this to learn why you should date a cougar (or maybe a lioness.)

These labels can construe as though the female is preying on the young male, but that is not necessarily the case. If you were to ask the male in these situations, it’s their preference to find maturity over the “head games” common among lesser aged girls. In some cases, the guys find even the cougar doesn’t always quite offer the experience they desire and look to one of these ladies:

  • Jaguar:  50-59
  • Panther: 60s
  • Lioness:  100 and above (These ladies rock)

These women have reached a point in their lives where they exhibit a degree of confidence, which all men find extraordinarily attractive. These ladies can carry on an interesting conversation and share wisdom where a less mature girl might struggle. But the knowledge, advice, and understanding that a man receives from a partner in this category are invaluable to him.

How To Know When A Young Man Is Into A Cougar

When a single young man has a crush on an older, sophisticated lady he’s speaking with on one of the best cougar dating sites, it will translate when they meet in real-time. Some of the signs to pay attention to see if there’s an interest include:

  • He Finds Reasons To Touch Her: Touch is an intimate response from one person meant for another. When you touch someone, whether it’s a handshake or a hand placed on the shoulder, it’s an unspoken gesture of friendship or, in the case of a date, flirting. 

If the younger gentleman touches the cougar during the meetup, and she isn’t opposed to the advances or even returns the gestures, it’s an indication the two are into each other and will likely begin dating.

  • Dilating Eyes Are A Physical Reaction: When someone talks to a person that they’re attracted to, claims suggest there is a “reflexive reaction” where the eyes will dilate as they sit close to the person. 

You won’t be aware of it, nor is there any way of controlling the natural reflex. But the person you’re speaking with will automatically be able to tell there’s an interest on your part.

  • When A Guy Stays In Constant Communication: If a cougar receives constant communication from the potential dating partner via messaging, phone calls, or video chats, he’s making a conscious choice to speak with her often showing that he enjoys her conversation and might be anxious to spend extra time with her.

A conversation that leans towards learning more about her shows curiosity in getting to know her on a different level, maybe build a tighter connection. 

  • Each Will Take Time To Learn The Other’s Interests: It’s essential to find out what the other companion likes not only so you can hold stimulating conversations, but so that you can enjoy a variety of different activities together. 

In the beginning stages of a potential dating relationship, if there is a true interest for the woman, the man will take great strides to find out what her hobbies are, what she does when not working, or if work is a genuine passion that carries over to her spare time. 

You might have messaged or spoken on the phone, even video chatted, and have a general idea that there is chemistry between the two of you, but until you meet in person, you really won’t know if there’s a genuine interest.

If there is attraction, someone in the pair will ask the other one out. Usually, if the guy has a crush on the woman, he will want to carry things on into a first date.

  • He Sees You More Than His Friends: That is a huge sign that he is into you. Young guys love to hang out with their friends, so if you have a potential dating partner who would rather see you than go out with his guy friends, he wants to make you a part of his life. 

As a whole, a young adult man looking to date a progressively aging woman is more interested in developing a longer-term relationship over time instead of merely “hooking up.” 

There is that stigma that these guys go after cougars for the experience of an older mature lady and will have merely a one-night stand – Mrs. Robinson. But more and more, younger men are finding satisfaction in a long-lasting, serious relationship with someone of maturity who offers substance to their lives over what a less seasoned young girl is capable.