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Dresses Ireland’s Style & Fashion Guide for Big Xmas Party

Although the holiday season will be a bit different this year, it would still mean celebrating Christmas by attending small gatherings. Spending Christmas with your closest friends and family members is no reason to give up on your festive outfit. 

The holiday season is the perfect time for women to wear sparkly dresses, made from luxurious fabrics, or combine their plain frocks with glittery accessories. The choice of the frock is mainly affected by the dress code of the party and your fondness for outfits in jolly colors. 

Nowadays, there is a multitude of online clothing stores, such as Dresses Ireland Boutique, providing shoppers with an extensive range of both casual and formal dresses. 

The following fashion guide will help you choose the right frock for attending a Christmas party. 

Consider the dress code

The primary thing to consider when choosing a Christmas party outfit is the dress code of the gathering. When attending a party with a casual dress code, where you’ll be surrounded by the closest family and friends, there is no point in overdressing for the occasion. It’s important to choose a frock that makes you look stylish but not overly formal. 

Therefore, wearing a little black dress would be the most suitable choice for such a semi-formal occasion. Your outfit will be neither too formal nor too casual, which is the exact look you are expected to achieve. What makes the little black dress so popular among women is the opportunity to wear it on various occasions just by combining it with different accessories. 

Moreover, when attending a festive Christmas party, you are allowed to experiment with your outfit in order to look jolly. Since red is known as the color of the holiday season, you can’t go wrong by wearing a red frock. Red color suits women of every age, thus being the ideal choice for gatherings of festive character. 

Being invited to a black-tie Christmas party means wearing an evening dress that makes you look classy and sophisticated. It’s paramount to match the gown with a pair of elegant high heels and a clutch of discrete size in order to achieve an overall elegant appearance. Make sure you go to this page for some useful tips about choosing a gown. 

Additionally, velvet and sequin gowns are believed to be ideal for formal holiday gatherings. The former is both appealing and comfortable to wear, whereas the latter provide less comfort in favor of looking spectacular. Velvet gowns can be complemented with some accessories, which isn’t the case with the sequin ones. 

Use accessories

The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity for women to wear sparkly accessories, which they wouldn’t normally wear. It’s the ideal time to take out your glittery necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that have been hiding in your jewelry box throughout the year. 

Accessories are capable of transforming plain outfits into glamourous ones, thus allowing women to wear some of their old frocks but still look modern. Anyhow, the choice of accessories would mainly depend on the type of dress you’ll be wearing for the occasion. Consequently, plain, casual frocks would look spectacular with a nice pair of earrings or a necklace. In contrast, festive and sequin frocks aren’t supposed to be combined with accessories to avoid looking too sparkly. 

Play with luxurious fabrics

Christmas parties are the ideal occasion wearing a gown made from luxurious fabric, such as cashmere or velvet. Cashmere frocks are a popular outfit solution for semi-formal gatherings, providing women with an elegant appearance and incredible comfort. You’ll look smart but feel cozy and warm in spite of the freezing winter temperatures. For further guidance on cashmere, take a look at the guide on the following link, https://www.fashionbeans.com/2015/the-complete-guide-to-cashmere/

In addition, velvet is another luxurious fabric whose distinctive soft feel makes it incredibly popular among females. Velvet gowns provide warmth, comfort, and elegance. You’ll have no trouble dancing in such a gown until your feet become sore. Despite the luxurious appearance, this fabric looks great in combination with accessories.

Final thoughts

Use the holiday season to wear gowns in jolly colors, luxurious fabrics, and sparkly details. 

Wear something completely different than usual!