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Pros and Cons of Waist Trainers You’ll Find the Most Useful to Know

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You’re not alone trying to figure out if waist trainers are for you. There has been a lot of debate about the pros and cons of waist trainers.  A lot of you know waist trainers by the name of “corsets”. But waist trainers are modern, sophisticated, and smaller.

Waist trainers are made up of stiff materials and have little to no stretch. Women wear it during training to create an hourglass figure. But does it actually cause weight loss? Science says it’s all a hoax.

Though there is no proof of it aiding weight loss, lots of women are still buying it. Why? Let’s indulge ourselves with the pros and cons of waist trainers, shall we?

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Pros of Waist Trainers

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It’s no surprise that waist trainers are backed by personal trainers and women. All of them have tried waist trainers at least once in their life. It’s effective in that it offers the following features:

Hourglass Figure

The title says it all, doesn’t it? The real reason why most people claim that waist trainers work is this. It gives you the hourglass figure instantly. It presses your mid-section slightly in and enhances the curve of your hips. So your waistline looks smaller and curvy.

You can adjust the tightness on a waist trainer to look slimmer. Another name for such waist trainers is waist cinchers. They cinch your waist if you wear it under your normal clothes. It’s a quick fix if you want to look curvy and slim at an event.

The instant hourglass figure is a real charmer for women with a long torso. It enhances your natural curves and accentuates the shape of the hips. Women with long torso have a very straight body shape. A waist trainer for plus size long torso can help maintain a curvy shape.


Whether you’re sitting still or standing, most of the time you’re not aware of your posture. Most people slouch when working on a desk or standing for long periods of time. A waist trainer supports your back by keeping it straight.

Imagine leaning back on a straight-back chair, it will keep your spine erect. That’s exactly what a waist trainer does. It’s harmless and painless if you wear it a little loose.

Thanks to the steel boning structure of a waist trainer, posture correction is a reality. You don’t have to invest in expensive braces to wear around your spine for a correct spine posture.

Cons of Waist Trainers

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A waist trainer exerts constant pressure and may cause constriction. While it’s alright to wear a waist trainer for 1-2 hours for an event. But exercising with it or wearing it for long hours could be dangerous.


A recent study highlighted the effect of waist trainers on breathing and stamina. And it’s no surprise to know that wearing a waist trainer can lead to shortness of breath and even pain. The thing is, the steel boning of the trainer pushes your insides deeper into your body.

Sounds uncomfortable, right? Studies show it is similar to how a pregnant woman feels with a full-grown baby inside. So the waist trainer constricts the diaphragm and its mobility. If you know basic biology, the diaphragm helps you inhale and exhale more fully.


Working out with a waist trainer can cause dehydration. Because it pulls away water from the mid-section that it pushes in. This is effective because when you take the waist trainer off, your tummy looks slimmer.

This may be misconstrued as weight loss and toning. But it’s actual loss of water in that region. In the long run, this same technique if done a lot can cause severe dehydration.

Dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps are all symptoms of dehydration.


Imagine wearing really tight jeans and stop. It will restrict natural bodily movements in some ways, won’t it? Try bending to pick something up or lifting your arms up over your head or sideways.

If tight clothes can restrict movement, waist trainers do too. Doing simple things like leaning back or crossing your legs will feel more strenuous. The steel boning can really affect how you sit still for a long time. And it can affect the way you feel while wearing it.


There’s a reason why doctors warn you about waist trainers. It limits blood circulation and oxygen to the digestive organs. This means more discomfort, gas, and pain. A really tight waist trainer forces and shifts your organs downward or upward.

This misplaced position of organs can cause serious damage if you wear it constantly. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy while wearing a waist trainer, this is the reason why.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a waist trainer for a short time is okay. It boosts confidence, gives you an hourglass figure, and elevates back support. But in the long run, waist trainers cause more pain than pleasure.  And that’s why reading about the pros and cons of waist trainers is so important.

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