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A Guide to Stylish Activewear

Dressing stylish while working out may not be at the top of the list of your priorities. However, there are good reasons to do so. Many fashion brands have come out with their line of activewear, and they have created comfortable workout clothes that are also trendy. This can help boost your mood and motivate you to stay focused. So, here are some examples of how to combine the two.

Classic workout clothes

For the busy days or when you are a beginner, you want to look good without putting too much effort. This is when you should reach for classic gym wear, we all have. Whether it is leggings, shorts, or sports bra, classic designs without much details are the way to go. You know you will be comfortable, and that the outfit will flatter your body. When buying, just make sure you choose the right fabric, like lycra, polyester, and cotton blends. This will allow the sweat to slide off, and not be absorbed.

Classic designs make the getting ready process shorter since you don’t have to match the pieces. Good choices that provide extra comfort and support are high-waisted leggings and shorts because they allow a lot of movement, they look good on everyone while keeping everything tight. You can wear them with a sports bra, crop tops, or oversized shirts, and it will look amazing. If this is too simple and plain for you, you can always experiment with colors and get an even trendier workout outfit.

Outfits for specific sports

If you like to play sports, there are many ways to combine comfort and style. To truly feel like a tennis pro, a netball skirt is there to help you. They look stylish, and they are perfect for this sport, which involves a lot of movement, and you want to make sure that you feel light, and that your skin can breathe. You can wear them with a tight top with straps, and even tuck it in the skirt. If you want to be more comfortable, a loose, airy, oversized t-shirt is a great option, plus it will look cute. Another choice for truly hot days are crop tops, which you can pair with the skirt, and make a uniform look.

If you like dancing, and you take dance classes, options are numerous as well. Of course, it depends on the type of dance you do, but they nevertheless have to be comfortable. Loose tracksuits with oversized hoodies or shirts are perfect for hip hop dance, and they look stylish considering that look is popular now. If you are doing a more delicate type of dance where you have to follow every movement, shorts, and even cycling pants can be your option. Another plus with them is that you can wear them outside of dance class if, for example, you have something to do right after.

Look for details

When choosing your stylish workout clothing, the easiest thing to do is look for details. Keep the classic, comfortable design, but be creative and pay attention to certain embellishments. Holes in the back of your top, see-through knee part on your leggings, hoodies on a crop top, and even zippers on both tops and bottoms can make the whole outfit more interesting, unique, and trendy.

As for the colors, besides the classic black, gray, or green, you can get pastels, or go quite the opposite and get neons. Neon colors are popular this season, and they make you look fierce and be motivated even more. If this is not your style, you can always just use neon details, or choose whole outfits in animal, floral, or any other print.

Make sure that when you choose these outfits, you match the colors because you don’t want it to be too much. For colder days prepare a hoodie or a sweatshirt that you can wear tight leggings and create a cute contrast.

Wearing stylish workout clothes is not vanity in action. Research shows that it truly makes you feel positive, more motivated, especially during days when you don’t feel so keen to work out. Enrich your wardrobe with some of our suggestions, and you will see for yourself.