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Why Making Your Own Bath Bomb Is Better Than Buying One?

Bath bombs are easy to make and amazing to use. With a vast variety of bath scented chunks available in the market, it is obvious for anyone to wonder as to why to make them at home. Here are six things about homemade bath bombs that you probably had never known.

1.    Cost Effective:  It costs around $2 to make about 12 bath bombs at home. If you go to the market to buy the same number of bombs, you may end paying somewhere between $1.5 to $3 for a single bath bomb. The bath bomb manufacturers use chemicals that are expensive. Moreover, they also levy a fee of packing, shipping, and advertisement. All these factors add to the cost.

2.    Healthy: The homemade bath bombs are healthy to the body as they are created without any chemicals. There have been a number of cases when the use of a bath bomb has been found of causing yeast infection in women. It has been found that chemicals that made the bath bombs fizzy and fragrant reduce the effectiveness of lactobacillus in the vagina. These chemicals can cause some serious vaginal infections.

3.    Variety: There is so much you can include in your own bath bombs. You can have essential oils like lemongrass and rosemary for aromatic therapy to repair and relax muscles. You can also include organic coloring agents to add different colors and texture to each bath scent chunks. No doubt the market already has a vast variety of bath bombs, but there is no more fun than to have your own inventory of bath magic balls.  

4.    No Need to Shower:  Bath bombs available in the market contain colorants that may stain skin and hair. You may have to take a shower to rinse the ingredients of the bath chunks.  But if you chose to make a bath bomb at home you can include the ingredients that do not cause any type of staining so you will not need to take a shower after a bath.

5.    Hair Friendly: Industrially manufactured bath bombs are not really hair friendly as they contain colorants and baking soda that are not really healthy for the hair and scalp. Homemade bath bombs can be customized to be hair friendly. You can include ingredients like citric acid that have the property to soften the hair.

6.    Safe For Kids: The industrially manufactured bath bombs can cause skin rashes to kids and even to adults. The presence of citric acid, baking soda, colorants, and glitters in the scent chunks may cause irritation to the skin. If you make your own bath bombs at home you can use organic ingredients and make it safe for the kids to use in their bath.

Industrially manufactured bath bombs are not really bad. However, homemade bath bombs can prevent the skin, hair, and your kids from the harmful effects of chemicals that are commonly found in them.