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10 Headbands Fashion Trends in 2019 from Lover Your Melon

If Instagram feeds are anything to go by, this year, headbands have made a grand entry (or should we say re-entry) into the fashion industry. Everyone from Brigitte Bardor, Grace Kelly, Blair Waldorf, and even the fashion-forward Kate Middleton has shown that this humble head candy can spruce up any outfit. If you thought that the traditional headband was a reserve for youthful hairstyles, you are awfully wrong. In this guide, we have sampled 10 irresistible headband trends from Love Your Melon for all headband-crazies out there.

  1. The Thicker The Better

This definitive piece is exactly what the Duchess of Cambridge wore during the Remembrance Sunday and caused fashion uproar. No doubt, the voluminous headband focuses on volume alongside material to enhance beauty. Make it colorful or go subtle with black depending on the color of your outfit to accentuate your overall look even more.

  1. The Classic Accessory With A Twist

Both Dior and Maria Grazia took the usual rehearsal studio headband and threw a classic twist to it. Now, minimalist fashion gurus are all over the headpiece. Admittedly, the hair accessory is easy to style as it blends with plenty of outfits for pretty much all occasions. Pair it with a casual outfit like a pair of jeans, statement boots, and a tee or a dress and jumper combination and step out in style.

  1. Sparkle

If you want to make your friends die with envy this year, don’t forget your sparkle headband. This statement piece has attacked Instagram like a raging storm for being versatile, trendy and highly fashionable. Order the pair on OTT band from Lover Your Melon and pair it with a bold lace or floral outfit for an ultra-feminine look worth dying for.

  1. Silky texture, anytime

Who knew designers would ever consider silky texture during the creation of outstanding headgears? This one is worth every penny (you bet it is expensive), especially when matched with just the right outfit. It can give the illusion of simple and boring until you give it justice.

  1. The Vegan Leather

It’s no secret: leather has a special place in the beauty industry. In 2019, instead of your usual leather jackets leather bags, or leather shoes, the leading designer Nanushka has decided to try his luck with a leather headband and boy! Isn’t it stunning!

  1. Let’s Go Back In Time

The vintage headband is another huge trend in 2019 according to Lover your Melon. This spectacular archive is timeless, rustic and absolutely gorgeous. Order one in a shade of brown and pair it with your black pair of pants and a leather jacket when going out with the girls. You’ll never go wrong with this look.

  1. The Leopard Bow

Have some crazy animal-print cravings? How about a phenomenal leopard bow over your silky blonde head of hair to show off your exemplary fashion prowess this year? Be ready to turn heads and lift eyebrows with this one.

  1. The right amount of shine

Why go minimalist when you can command the attention of everyone in the room just by adorning a shiny headband? Designers including Fugenia Kim might have had this in mind when they created this masterpiece. Going by the love of the headband on social media, their efforts have already paid off big.

  1. The Eye-Catching Braided  Headband

The orange-colored Jenipher Behr velvet headband is also causing huge sensations in the world of glam. Quite frankly, there’s nothing to hate about this thick, colorful, and practical head candy.

  1. Delicate crystals

Last but not least, look out for the crystal embellished headband from LeleSadoughi. With just the correct amount of sparkle, you are guaranteed of elegance, style, and plenty of glances on your direction.

And there you have it – 10 headband fashion trends in 2019. To get exclusive deals, look out for the Love Your Melon 25% coupon code and pay rock-bottom process for stunning head accessories!