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List of Air Tools Useful for Your Garage or Workshop

Tools are powered by either electricity or compressed air. Air powered tools are called air tools. There are more than 50 types of air tools available in the market for different types of applications. If you have garage or auto body workshop, you might be familiar with the following air tools. These are the 5 must have tools that will give you increased proficiency at your jobsite.

Air Ratchet Wrench
comes with the same is one of the types of power wrench. It has a square drive as like hand-power retched wrench. Air ratchet wrenches are mostly useful to loos/tight crowd of low-to-medium torque bolts.

If you don’t want to use an impact wrench you can use an air ratchet wrench. To activate the motor of air ratchet wrench, pull the trigger, which will turn the socket drive on. A switch is used to give direction to the socket drive.

Air Blow Gun:
Air blow guns are mainly used for cleaning and drying of the non-contact part, and general laboratory or industrial applications. Most of the air blow guns are made of plastic include an ergonomic grip or handle.

A stable stream of flattened air is delivered over a durable metallic nozzle. Manufacturers have included a threaded discharge port or vacuum attachment which is suitable for high volume applications.

Air Orbital Sander:

This dust-free sander requires a big air compressor to run and it has no motor so that it is a cheap budget pneumatic tool. The pneumatic orbital sanders are mostly used for smaller sanding jobs within the window and furniture production.

It has a speed regulator and an ergonomic elastic handle that reduces vibration. The pneumatic orbital sander guarantees a good surface finish.

Air Framing Nailer

The pneumatic framing nailer is one of the most useful tools on any type of home building sites. It is also known as a nail gun or nailer to the users. A pneumatic framing nailer can drive a number of nails into a framing assembly earlier than the hammer.

This type of framing nailer typically run by compressed air (pneumatic), electromagnetism. An air compressor provides air to the tool via a length of the line. When the nailer drives a nail, the compressor drives piston which turn pushes the nail into the wood.


An airbrush is one type of air operated tool which is used as a spray for applying by beaten air a fine spray (as of paint or fluid color). It is also known as spray painting to the users.
Three types of airbrushes are available in the market these are trigger system, feed system, and mix point. The spray gun is developed from the airbrush. An air brush requires an air compressor to run.

The high pressurize air atomizes the paint into very tiny drops as it blows past a very fine paint-metering section.

Air powered tools are getting popular day by day. But buying air tools is a bit complicated. You need to know the air power rating of the tools and the compressor. Then you should also consider whether the air compressor would be able the to power the tools you want to use. For more information on air tools, power tools and air compressor, you might visit